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At this year’s WonderCon, we got a chance to talk to Monica Shrock from the Keep a Breast Foundation, a leading global non-profit dedicated to providing support and education for young people about breast health. Keep a Breast Foundation is partnering up with Valiant Entertainment to make Faith the official comic ambassador for Keep a Breast’s message. Monica filled us in on how it all started and what we can expect from this exciting collaboration!

CV: It’s very exciting that Faith is going to be the official comics ambassador for the Keep a Breast Foundation! Can you tell me a little bit about how this idea started?

MS: Well, I’m a huge comic book fan, and so are my coworkers. It started out as just an organic introduction to someone at Valiant. We thought that Faith would be the perfect comic book character to bring this information to the comic book world. This isn’t just for females because men can get breast cancer too. Since the female readership is growing so much, and even female superhero movie watchers, I think the fandom is now even between the sexes. That’s why we feel this is a community that could really use this preventative education.

CV: So how is the outreach going to work for this project?

MS: We have an app, a “check yourself app,” and we also made these cards with Faith on them. The cards have a little step-by-step on how to do your self-check. What’s important is that it’s not just about looking for cancer. We always try to urge that. We talk to young people, and this organization was started because people aren’t talking to young people about breast cancer. Most people get a mammogram when they’re forty, and people can get breast cancer when they’re twenty.

Keep a Breast Foundation

It’s just about getting to know your breasts and developing a positive relationship with your body. That way you will know when something’s wrong. We thought Faith would be the perfect character with all her body positivity and her outlook on everything. She’s so philanthropic in her comics, so we feel she’d be the best person to bring our message to the comic book world.

CV: So beyond the app and beyond these amazing cards, will Faith’s collaboration be introduced in the comic themselves?

MS: There was a special variant cover for FAITH #3, which they sold for $10 and donated 100% of the proceeds to us. We will also be doing a special exclusive comic book story with Faith and the Keep a Breast Foundation’s message where she somehow comes in contact with the Keep a Breast Foundation and then there’s a story around that. We’re really excited about that and it should be done in a couple of months.

Keep a Breast often looks to introduce creativity and art as part of their outreach. Seeking to inspire young people to have a better relationship with their bodies and learn about breast health early on is a wonderful cause!

Be sure to visit their blog to learn more about the Faith & Keep a Breast collaboration by clicking here!

Also be sure to learn how to #checkyourselfie by clicking here!

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