ComicsVerse’s Kristine Don visits comic creator Brad Guigar at his booth at Wizard World Philadelphia. Guigar is an Eisner Award-nominated web cartoonist who was recognized for his efforts in the field of webcomics. As coordinator of the webcomics for ComicsVerse, Kristine had a special interest in speaking with Mr. Guigar and picking his brain on all things webcomics.

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Brad Guigar discusses his daily webcomic, EVIL INC., which is a sequel to his earlier work, titled GREYSTONE INN. He explains the evolution from GREYSTONE INN to EVIL INC. and how he wanted to focus on villains from GREYSTONE INN and feature them in EVIL INC. Guigar also shares his inspirations on the villains in EVIL INC., which include movies and other comics from companies like DC and Marvel. Kristine and Brad go on to explore the themes in EVIL INC. of villainy and the ability to do illegal and evil things with the same ease as legal acts: a theme that is very relevant in today’s day and age.

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There are few comic creators with the insight that Brad Guigar has on the webcomics medium. In the interview, he divulges the benefits that webcomics have for a comic creator and even references his own guidebook, THE WEBCOMICS HANDBOOK. Webcomics allow for many unique differences from larger publishers and comics that are in circulation. Guigar describes webcomics as a medium that produces and enables voices from comic creators who may not be heard otherwise.

Brad Guigar’s insight into the world of webcomics is incredible. Check out his daily webcomic EVIL INC., and if you want to create your own webcomics, pick up his book, THE WEBCOMICS HANDBOOK!

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