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The last few issues of Sina Grace‘s series have shown Bobby Drake juggling a budding romance on the West Coast and a hellish Daken on the East Coast. Zach, the mutant Bobby brought to Xavier’s, was lured away by Daken before he was able to control his power-enhancing mutation. Wanting to cause even more havoc for Bobby, Daken attacked the school after using a “death seed” to transform into an Apocalypse version of himself.

ICEMAN #10 opens with a grisly scene as two young mutants find Bobby’s boyfriend Judah unconscious and Xavier’s in a destroyed state. This is because of an ongoing fight between Bobby and Daken. The fight seems evenly matched, with verbal sparring from Bobby and Daken. Daken is trying to get Bobby to crack, but Bobby refuses to stoop to that level. However, things change when one of the mutants, Michaela, is able to subdue Daken’s minion Zach.

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Little does she know that by defeating Zach, she’s only heightened Daken’s powers! Zach was using his ability to dampen powers to lower the power of the death seed within Daken. Without Zach, Daken can now go full Apocalypse!

With Judah down for the count and Bobby alone in a fight against Daken “Apocalypse,” things aren’t looking too good. Luckily, there are still a couple of mutants who can save the day. Let’s just hope the students learned enough from Professor Drake to ace their final exam!

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Will Bobby get out alive? Will he ever get to live a happy, peaceful life with his boyfriend in Los Angeles? Will Daken ever stop doing ridiculously stupid things at the worst times? Check out ComicVerse’s preview below and pick up a copy of ICEMAN #10 on February 7th to find out!

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