Another legend of modern-day comics, the Florida-born Bob McLeod began his comic-book career working in Marvel’s production department.  Opportunity came, though, and he was soon working alongside Chris Claremont in designing the New Mutants.  The amount of careful thought that went into these designs is impressive, and has contributed to the New Mutants’ longevity – although many ‘young X-Men’ have faded into obscurity over the years, there’s something iconic about Bob McLeod and Chris Claremont’s New Mutants.  In the interview, he gives insights into how he designed the character of Cannonball, but you can tell that the same thought had gone into each and every design.

As the years passed, Bob McLeod became known as one of the best inkers in the business.  Some of the books and titles he worked on are legendary – a particular classic being the Spider-Man arc ‘Kraven’s Last Hunt’.  His work in the 1990s included runs on various Superman titles, and he was part of the team producing some classic issues, including Superman’s revealing his secret identity to Lois!

As a firm fan of the X-Men, I approached this interview with a real sense of excitement – it was my first interview at Special Edition: NYC 2015, and I kind of felt like I’d ‘jumped in the deep end’ by interviewing such a legend!  That said, Bob McLeod proved to be a pleasant and humble man, and his depth of thought was as impressive as I’d expected it to be.  It made my introduction to comic-book interviews a real pleasure.

I’d recommend you check out his website for more information, and examples of his superb artwork.  Otherwise, if you want to see a real classic pick up the New Mutants Graphic Novel, or the ‘Kraven’s Last Hunt’ arc.  You’ll be looking at the work of a master.



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