DC Entertainment has graciously given ComicsVerse an exclusive sneak peek at BLUE BEETLE #16! In this latest arc, “Road To Nowhere,” Jaime Reyes is confronting a problem more terrifying than any supervillain. The future is fast approaching, and Jaime has no interest in planning for it.

As pressure mounts from both his girlfriend Linda and his mentor Ted Kord, Jaime decided to go on a week-long road trip. Along with his sweetheart, Jaime also invited his closest friends Paco and Brenda. While Jaime clearly wanted nothing but to turn his brain off for a week, tension mounted when our hero mentioned the job Ted offered him to Linda. To make matters worse, “something” going on between Paco and Brenda made the drive all the more awkward. The only way things could get more complicated is if they ran into a UFO!

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The quartet was attacked by a UFO. Although Jaime managed to fend off the craft and its occupants as Blue Beetle, the teenagers flee when given the chance. As they drive away, something seems to go… wrong with time. The four seek shelter in an abandoned town to recuperate. Their rest is interrupted, however, when they realize the town isn’t as abandoned as they once thought!

Caught by a group of deranged locals, things get even weirder when the UFO returned to abduct the quartet’s captors. After taking down the spaceships, Jaime discovered that the aliens and the lunatics were one and the same! The “aliens” confess that they were once a group of retired folks who volunteered to steal things throughout history to become younger. Then older when they got too young. Running in a loop until they all became stuck in the town outside of time.

So, in the preview below, the quartet are trapped while their location changes from era to era. The boss of the locals and one of Jaime’s rogues, Stopwatch, is responsible for everything they’ve seen on their trip. From an apocalyptic battleground to a snow-covered city, the quartet decides that escaping the metamorphic locale is more important than finding answers. Although the time thieves are close behind our heroes, they seem far more interested in “the Crescendo,” the atomic end of everything. As time seemingly resets, Blue Beetle will have to figure out how to escape this nightmare and find a future worth living.

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BLUE BEETLE #16: It’s About Time

Will Blue Beetle be able to defeat the mad experiment of his old foe? The only way to find out is to be sure to pick up a copy of BLUE BEETLE #16 soon!

BLUE BEETLE #16 hits shelves December 27th. Until then, check out ComicsVerse’s exclusive preview below!

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