ComicsVerse is happy to bring you an exclusive preview of DC’s BLUE BEETLE #10! The issue will be the climactic final battle between Team Blue Beetle and the ancient Atlantean sorcerer Arion. Backing up Jaime Reyes are Ted Kord, OMAC, and Dr. Fate, while on Team Arion we have an army of mutant bug-people. Things are looking fairly grim for our heroes at the moment.

Over the past few issues of BLUE BEETLE, we’ve seen Arion and his minions menace the city of El Paso. Teenagers with powers were disappearing, and Jaime Reyes couldn’t do anything to stop it. Then Dr. Fate showed up to warn Kord of the scarab’s true nature. Subsequently, Dr. Fate got caught up in the battle with Arion. Arion tore the scarab off of Jaime before seemingly defeating Dr. Fate. Jaime and friends regrouped and Jaime donned Ted’s original Blue Beetle costume. After, on the way back to Arion’s underground lair, the ragtag team managed to enlist a heavy hitter in the form of Jaime’s friend Kevin. While unassuming at first, Kevin uses Brother Eye to transform into the incredibly powerful OMAC. Teri, Kord’s speedster employee, zoomed off to bring Dr. Fate back into the mix, leaving Jaime alone against Arion while Kord and OMAC took on his minions.

That’s where issue 10 picks up. Jaime faces Arion when he hears the scarab calling to him. It doesn’t particularly like being bonded to Arion, who is a bit psychotic, and wants Jaime to steal it back by out-willing Arion. Jaime tries and fails, and the scarab asks if it’s because he doesn’t want to bond with it again. The preview then cuts to Ted battling the bug-people and almost having another heart attack. He gets down on himself about being a bad hero. However, Ted proves himself wrong by taking out some minions. With OMAC blinded by the magic of the bug-people, the preview ends.

For more awesome Blue Beetle heroics, get your copy of BLUE BEETLE #10 out Wednesday, June 28th! Check out the full preview below!

BLUE BEETLE #10 Full Preview

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