BLOODSHOT REBORN #0 is an excellent taste of what is to come in the character's future. The much-hyped twist is sufficiently noteworthy.
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BLOODSHOT REBORN #0 is a satisfying swan song to Jeff Lemire’s previous run and an excellent introduction to the upcoming BLOODSHOT SALVATION series. The issue is a spoiler-heavy introduction to all of the status quo changes that will be accompanying the next series. Lemire drops a huge (and amazing) bombshell that will forever change the Bloodshot character. The shocking revelation perfectly melds with artist Renato Guedes’ bold layouts to make what is essentially a preview of the next series compelling. I would highly recommend enjoying the issue instead of merely Googling the big, super-secret, classified reveal.

Never have I been more excited about the future of Bloodshot, and never has a review been more difficult to write without including spoilers.

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This issue takes us through the fallout of the BLOODSHOT USA run and gives each character some time to shine. Bloodshot and the Bloodshot Squad have defeated the evil Project Rising Spirit. Now, the titular character and his partner, Magic, are ready to pursue their romance. We get quick glimpses into what the BLOODSHOT cast is up to and how they will look in the future. This is an ensemble piece that gives equal time to the entire cast: Magic, the Bloodshot Squad (Bloodshot members who are themed based on different wars such as Vietnam, WWII, and the Cold War), and Bloodhound.

Lemire’s affection towards these characters is evident. He puts so much care into each nuanced portrayal. The issue is evenly spread across characters and their futures are all sufficiently explored. The massive bombshell that he drops is well earned. BLOODSHOT REBORN #0 not only contains a big reveal but also sets the tone for how the repercussions will affect each character. By divvying up the time equally Lemire shifts the focus of the series beyond just Bloodshot and sets the tone of what will likely be a more team-oriented future.


Every cast member has unique speech patterns and their personality comes across in the dialogue. Bloodshot is stoic, yet not wooden. The Bloodshot Squad members are not just caricatures or stereotypical reflections of their respective times. There are a surprising amount of three-dimensional characters in an issue that is basically a 22-page trailer.

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Guedes’ art is incredible and goes beyond what would be expected in a transitional issue. There is no action, no big set pieces, or no new character designs for him to flex his creative muscle. Instead, Guedes has the daunting task of turning basic (and often times expository) dialogue into compelling images. BLOODSHOT REBORN #0 is just a series of intimate conversations between characters. There are no emotional powder kegs, and subtlety is the name of the game. Guedes is able to manipulate facial expressions and body language to further the story. His skill comes through in his vivid renderings of Bloodshot. The hero is cursed with perpetually red, emotionless eyes, yet Guedes makes him lively through dynamic body language.


The layouts in this issue are spectacular. BLOODSHOT REBORN #0 contains three different vignettes where characters have conversations sitting in circles (a circle of chairs, a series of laboratory tables, and a bed). The repetition ties together the three arcs in BLOODSHOT REBORN #0. Most impressive is how Guedes keeps these images from looking flat. The figures and objects from each panel interact and bevel outwards. In the page above, notice how the oblong circle of chairs jets out to the reader, or how the car overlaps onto the edge of the lower panel. Guedes overlays perspectives in a way that makes BLOODSHOT REBORN #0 visually complex, but easy to follow. The audience’s focus is drawn to whatever figure Guedes makes leap out at them. His drawings are not confined to their panels, but rather he uses these boxes as a tool to manipulate perspective and make mundane images exciting. Your eyes can’t help but pinball around the page.

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I highly recommend BLOODSHOT REBORN #0 to anyone who wants to get into the character. This book (and the handy first-page recap) provides the perfect set up for anyone who wants to jump onto the Bloodshot train. Lemire and Guedes turned what should have been a standard transitional issue into an exciting trailer for what is to come.

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