BLOODSHOT is one of Valiant’s most recognizable and captivating comics, which makes it a no-brainer as the universe’s first foray into film. We caught up with Director Dave Wilson and Co-Producer Dinesh Shamdasani at New York Comic-Con 2019 to discuss the upcoming movie.

BLOODSHOT: From Comics to Film

Launching a cinematic universe is no easy task, but Wilson and Shamdasani are up for the challenge. Shamdasani, who used to serve as CEO and Chief Creative Officer at Valiant, has been working with BLOODSHOT for years. It’s a little newer to Wilson, but he clearly has passion for the material.

The two discussed the different paths they could take when telling this story. The character has a rich, complex history, so there was a lot of material to pull from. I asked them if they went for an origin story, since that was the obvious route, to which Wilson replied, “Is it?”

They also told us why they thought Vin Diesel was the perfect choice to play the lead of BLOODSHOT, Ray Garrison. The actor took his job very seriously, Wilson tells us. Diesel apparently didn’t want to see any footage while they were shooting, as he didn’t want it to affect his performance. However, the footage he did see got him pretty excited. Check out the video above for the full story.

Wilson also spent a lot of time nailing down the tone of this movie, making it different than anything we’ve seen before from the superhero genre. You can tell from the trailer that he was pretty successful in that endeavor. We also discussed the challenges of making a superhero film that does not exist in the world of the “Big Two” — Marvel and DC.

The BLOODSHOT movie comes out in February of next year, and stars Vin Diesel, Eliza González, Guy Pearce, and Sam Heughan. Check out the full interview to hear more about it.

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