The Black Widow of the MCU has never had the spotlight. She’s always there, and occasionally she gets a few lines (p.s. the ones where she’s flirting don’t count), but for the most part, she blends into the background while other characters, like Thor and Captain America, take the lead. We highly doubt Natasha will have a large role in AVENGERS: ENDGAME, but she will have a larger role in the MCU as a whole thanks to her the upcoming Black Widow MCU film. After years of fans wanting to see Natasha in a starring role, the MCU gods have finally answered. Black Widow will get the spotlight that she deserves.

How to Predict the Black Widow MCU Film

The question now revolves around plot. Will the film take place post-AVENGERS: ENDGAME? Since the producers and writers are still in the planning stages of the Black Widow film, we’re assuming the answer is yes. But, there’s also the possibility that the film will delve into Natasha’s past with Russia’s Red Room.

The only way we can really make semi-educated guesses when it comes to the plot of Natasha’s upcoming film is to take a closer look at the comics. Natasha is a complex character with an extensive written past. She’s had more solo series than most comic characters could ever hope to have. All these solo series make for some compelling storylines that could easily find their way onto the silver screen. If the Black Widow solo film has writers who want to keep Natasha’s MCU character close to her comic counterpart, these are some of the plot points they might choose.      

1. Assassin for Hire

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No matter how many comics or movies say differently, Natasha is, at heart, a trained assassin. MCU creators have stressed her allegiance to both S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers because, at the time, they couldn’t really give her a role outside of those organizations. She’s been a supporting character in every film, and she can’t exactly “support” characters like Iron Man and Captain America if she’s off killing people for money.

In a solo film, she wouldn’t have those same allegiances. In the 2014 Black Widow comic series, Natasha takes a series of paid missions that help bring now a string of known criminals. We suspect that the successful comic series could help inspire the film’s creators. 

2. Romance with Bucky

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If you’re a fan of comic book Natasha, you probably saw this one coming. MCU creators have paired Natasha with both Hawkeye and the Hulk, but they’ve yet to add her longtime lover Bucky Barnes to the mix, which is a little surprising considering how complex their relationship is in the comics. On-page, they have the typical “I hate to love you” thing going on, which makes for some drama-drenched arcs.

Although Bucky’s MCU character is different than his comic counterpart, we still think a romance between him and Black Widow could be a major plot point in the upcoming film. Of course, to do that, MCU writers would have to cut off Natasha’s relationship with the Hulk, which might ruffle a few feathers.   

3. Becoming a Super Soldier

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Captain America isn’t the only super soldier in comics. While in the Black Widow Ops program, scientists injected Natasha with a serum similar to the one given to Steve Rogers in the ‘40s. The enhancements gave her super strength, speed, and durability and gave her an extended lifespan. A lot of fans don’t acknowledge this part of Natasha’s origins, but honestly, we find it pretty hard to ignore. The Avengers are insanely powerful. She needs something other than bullet bracelets to fight with them.

If MCU writers were to admit that Natasha has biological enhancements, there would undoubtedly be a lot of uproar. Fans like the fact that Captain America’s backstory is unique. Still, it’s in the comics and deserves a scene in her film. 

4. Fighting Oktober

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We’ve already seen Iron Man and Black Widow team up on-screen, but we haven’t seen them quite like this. During an IRON MAN comic arc, Black Widow and Iron Man work together to stop a spy named “Oktober” from firing off a multitude of missiles, thus starting World War III.

Oktober launches the missiles but, in typical comic book fashion, Tony stops them just in time. Their final search for Oktober yields shocking results: Natasha is Oktober. Thanks to some good ole’ KGB brainwashing, Natasha had been a sleeper cell for years. This storyline has it all: Russian politics, giant bombs, and, Tony Stark.  Of course, Tony has to be alive for this story to work so it might not make the cut.

5. Partnering with Daredevil

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In the MCU, Daredevil and Black Widow seem worlds apart (because they are), but in the comics, they’re regular crime-fighting partners. They met for the first time way back in the early ’70s and immediately hit it off — both as a superhero duo and as lovers. Their relationship lasted a surprisingly long time before Natasha had to call it quits. Since then, these two have teamed up more times than we can count.

With the cancellation of Netflix’s DAREDEVIL, MCU creators could easily insert a new version of Matt Murdock into the Black Widow film. The big question is will they? With other similar characters like Hawkeye and Bucky at their disposal, we doubt it, but the possibility is still there.   

6. Death (and Resurrection)

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If you’re really a comic book character, you have to die every once in a while. Thanks to Tom King, it’s practically a rule — one that Natasha is not immune to. She might’ve survived AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, but she could take a deathly plunge in her solo film.

During the SECRET EMPIRE comic event, Captain America killed Black Widow. Unlike a lot of comic characters, she really did die. Her KGB connections migrated her memories over to a new body (that looked identical to her old one) in an effort to reintegrate her into the Red Room program. That, of course, doesn’t happen. Natasha breaks out but keeps a low profile. For an assassin, everyone believing that you’re dead is an asset. 

7. Red Room Origins

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In AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, we got a glimpse into Natasha’s traumatic childhood in the Red Room. While it was more than we had ever gotten before, it was still only a glimpse. A Black Widow film exploring Natasha’s upbringing wouldn’t be super original but, if well done, it could add that element of grittiness that, so far, Natasha’s MCU character is lacking.

The Red Room is a scary place — a lot scarier than what we see in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. Examining the ruthless leaders of the Red Room, as well as a young Natasha’s own bloodlust, could bring that hint of edginess that, thus far, the MCU just doesn’t have. 

8. Damon Dran

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Damon Dran is the perfect on-screen villain for Black Widow. Natasha has very few persistent foes she can call her own, with Damon being one of the most famous. Once called the “Indestructible Man,” Damon was a wealthy businessman before his crippling paranoia forced him to expose himself to a dangerous and mysterious power source that made him indestructible…for a little while. Eventually, his indestructibility wore off, and he resorted to covering his body in surgically implanted armored plates.

Damon isn’t an especially complex villain, which might be a good thing for a two and a half hour film. A simple hero-beats-bad-guy dynamic could still make for a quality adaptation.          

9. The (Fake) Black Widow

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When you’re as famous as Black Widow, you’re bound to attract some copy-cats. For Natasha, that copy cat went by the name of Yelena Belova. Yelena could’ve been a formidable character in her own right since she has skills nearly identical to those of Natasha. Unfortunately for her, she became little more than Natasha’s clone who, like a lot of people in Natasha’s life, can never stay gone for long.

In one of her more famous appearances, Yelena finds herself at the mercy of Natasha. In a bid to teach her a lesson, Natasha surgically swaps her face with Yelena’s. While we’re not sure how this would look in a Black Widow MCU film, we’re confident MCU producers could make it work.   

10. Realizing her Memories Aren’t Real

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You know all those fanart drawings showing Natasha as a ballerina? We hate to break it to you, but Nat wasn’t, nor will she ever be, a ballerina. During her time in the Red Room, Natasha got a huge dose of artificial memories to make her more complacent. A little girl is happiest when she’s dancing, right?

Of course not, but that’s what they thought and, for a while, that’s what Natasha thought too. That is until she realized that whenever she focused on the details surrounding her younger years, she would become exceedingly nauseated. In the end, she forced a former Red Room official to tell her everything about her childhood — even if it made her sick.

Natasha’s Film Future

I have a lot of ideas when it comes to the Black Widow MCU film, but, when it comes down to it, we won’t really have a clue what it’s about until Marvel gives us a little more information. Once they do, the tenuous nature of this article could become even more apparent. The MCU, though based on the comics, typically creates its own path with each film so I wouldn’t be surprised if Natasha’s solo film debut doesn’t have anything to do with the comics. If it doesn’t…well, there’s always BLACK WIDOW 2.

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