BLACK PANTHER is not coming out this year, but it sure feels like it is right around the corner already. The latest BLACK PANTHER trailer just dropped online, and it is giving us all of the world of Wakanda.

This time around we are getting a glimpse inside of Wakanda’s tech, the brewing factions, and T’Challa’s (Chadwick Boseman) upcoming battle with Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan).

Wakanda Is More Than Marvel’s High Tech Wonderland

“How much more are you hiding?”

Everett Ross asks, a whole lot, and then some.

It is no surprise that the protected world of Wakanda looks impressive in the second BLACK PANTHER trailer. This time around the CGI looks more polished, the colors are vibrant, and the trailer clearly demonstrates how technologically advance Wakanda is. The cool imagery and immersing cinematography just paints a beautiful picture of Wakanda in the MCU. BLACK PANTHER is not only introducing us to Wakanda, but it is also dropping us in the middle of a political conflict.

Beyond Wakanda’s mastery level of technology due to their rich resource of vibranium, the nation is more than a tech wonderland. Wakanda also has an interesting political story. In CIVIL WAR, T’Chaka dies in a terrorist plot as he was trying to move Wakanda out of isolation. The feeling from BLACK PANTHER is that T’Challa will be dealing with the aftermath of his father’s death and decisions as the next king.

With that said, the political climate in Wakanda will be an early challenge for him. From the previous teaser trailer, we know he will be dealing with the different factions in the nation all trying to pull Wakanda in a different direction. However, that is not the only problem T’Challa will be dealing with in BLACK PANTHER.

A city inside Wakanda BLACK PANTHER
A city inside Wakanda

Since Wakanda revealed itself in CIVIL WAR, they now have to start dealing with outside threats. There are threats from Ulysses Klaue trying to exploit Wakanda’s vibranium, and there are also threats from Wakanda’s exile Erik Killmonger. Killmonger is going to be the main antagonist in BLACK PANTHER because he poses an existential threat from Wakanda’s past. According to his comic book origin, Killmonger’s father aided Ulysses Klaue, and as a result, T’Chaka exiled Killmonger’s entire family from Wakanda.

A lot is going on in Wakanda and T’Challa will have to deal with it all as the new king. This does not go without conflict considering T’Challa said he was not much of a politician in CIVIL WAR. So it will be interesting to see how T’Challa will lead Wakanda as the new king.

Don’t Underestimate The Dora Milaje

T’Challa has to unite dividing factions within the nation, and he has to protect Wakanda from outsiders. However, T’Challa does not do this alone he has the help of his sister Shuri and the Dora Milaje. The BLACK PANTHER trailer introduces us to the Dora Milaje. For those unfamiliar with the Dora Milaje, they are the all-female special forces of Wakanda, and they are badass.

Danai Gurira as Okoye in BLACK PANTHER
Danai Gurira as Okoye in BLACK PANTHER

Not only are the Dora Milaje Black Panther’s bodyguards, but they are also imperative to the security of Wakanda. You can think of them as Black Panther’s secret service or his personal version of the FBI. Each tribe in Wakanda ceremoniously chooses a young woman to represent them in the Dora Milaje. As a result, every tribe has a member in the Dora Milaje that is a potential wife for the King of Wakanda.

If you put the arranged marriage aspect of it aside, they have some of the best action scenes in the movie. The internet is already buzzing about Lupita Nyong’o (Nakia) and Danai Gurira (Okoye) scenes. The Dora Milaje have a ton of action scenes on the set of BLACK PANTHER.

They are so good that the crew on set gave Danai Gurira a round of applause for her badass stunt work. If there’s any performance to look out for in BLACK PANTHER, it is defiantly Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira’s.

Black Panther and Killmonger’s Epic Battle Over Wakanda

While the trailer paints Wakanda so beautifully, Black Panther versus Killmonger is the fight that’s going to sell tickets. In the previous teaser trailer, we were only able to steal a glimpse of Black Panther’s antagonist Erik Killmonger. The trailer gives us more to work with like his motive, who he is working with, and his own Panther suit.

Killmonger (Michael B Jordan) in his Panther suit BLACK PANTHER trailer
Killmonger (Michael B Jordan) in his Panther suit

The biggest WTF moment from the new Black Panther trailer is that Killmonger has a suit that rivals Black Panthers. It was evident that Killmonger was working with Ulysses Klaue in the teaser. However, his suit is the biggest revelation now. Considering Killmonger’s backstory is that he and his family were exiled from Wakanda, this spells broader implications for the antagonist. Killmonger’s quarrel is not just with Black Panther, but it’s with all of Wakanda, and the entire nation is at risk.

BLACK PANTHER set the stage for an epic showdown in its trailer really well. Killmonger is going to try to “Burn it all,” and Black Panther is going to protect Wakanda. BLACK PANTHER looks so fantastic, and the film is so ambitious! A lot is going on from T’Challa’s internal struggle becoming king, political turmoil in Wakanda, and a significant external threat. There is so much to look forward to BLACK PANTHER there’s just one drawback, we have to wait until February of 2018.

BLACK PANTHER is hitting theaters on February 16th, 2018.

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