You’ve seen the spectacular film. You’ve witnessed the origins of T’Challa. Now get ready for the next chapter of the Wakandan legend in BLACK PANTHER #1!

This May, BLACK PANTHER #1 provides ‘Fresh Start’ for Wakanda

MARVEL LEGACY #1 hinted at a new direction for Black Panther and his kingdom with the reveal of the Wakandan Empire. Now in BLACK PANTHER #1, we will witness the galactic empire that lies somewhere within the vast Marvel Multiverse. Founded in T’Challa’s name, the Wakandan Empire will surely test T’Challa’s views on imperialism and his divine right to rule.

Whereas Wakanda is a nation that usually plays defense against villains such as Thanos and Dr. Doom, here we will see the kingdom expand and build a thriving culture across the cosmos. Even more awesome will be seeing T’Challa travel through space in this galactic adventure.

BLACK PANTHER: The Felicity of Representation

The exceptional Ta-Nehisi Coates will take on this new series with artist Daniel Acuña (UNCANNY AVENGERS). I can’t wait to see Coates stretch his legs and write a series with a completely different tone than his previous BLACK PANTHER. It will be fascinating to see how Coates will take his unique, philosophical writing style into a cosmic adventure.

Additionally, BLACK PANTHER #1 is coming out at just the right time. After the unprecedented success of the Ryan Coogler film, much of the world is now aware of Wakanda. We long to read more comics about this wondrous Afrofuturistic nation. BLACK PANTHER #1 will show readers a new angle on the technologically advanced nation and perhaps challenge people’s preconceived notions about the country.

It will be especially relevant to see how T’Challa deals with the fact that he his noble actions have become an excuse for the Wakandan Empire’s imperialism. Since many countries use the past to justify the sins in the future, I expect the Wakandan Empire will use the morality of their past as a license to enslave other planets and worlds. How will the Black Panther respond to this injustice?

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BLACK PANTHER #1 comes out on May 23!

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