The Black Order is back! This time it is Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glave’s wife, who is narrating the story. She and the rest of the Order may be people always up for a fight, but even she has to question what exactly they’re doing now. Is the Black Order going to succeed? Check out the THE BLACK ORDER #2 preview below to find out more.



Published: December 12, 2018

Written by: Derek Landy

Art by: Philip Tan, Marc Deering, Le Beau Underwood, Jay David Ramos, Harvey Tolibao

Cover by: Philip Tan

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Isn’t it always the way? You go to assassinate an emperor and he turns the tables, and suddenly this Very Simple Mission gets a whole lot more complicated. It’s a good thing the Black Order is made up of professional killers who are no strangers to cellblocks. Otherwise they might even start worrying…

BLACK ORDER #2 Preview Image Gallery

black order #2 black order #2 black order #2 black order #2 black order #2

black order #2
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