San Diego Comic-Con gave us a glimpse of what’s to come for a lot of DC’s franchises. When it comes to BLACK LIGHTNING, we got a panel as well as a season 2 trailer. The trailer is, by and large, a recap of the first season, but when paired with information from the panel, it still gives us a good idea of what’s the come. It highlights what we should hone in on from season one and what storylines — and characters — are going to take the forefront.

Purpose & Community

The trailer focuses on a question at the beginning: “Do you remember why you became Black Lightning?” The trailer answers this for us, in a way — giving us glimpses back to the 100 kidnapping Anissa and Jennifer, the initial reason Jefferson decided to use his powers again. Nonetheless, it’s deeper than that.

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BLACK LIGHTNING is a story about a hero who’s decided to take up the mantle again. When someone asks Jefferson why he became Black Lightning, there has to be more than one answer. Sure, he became Black Lightning again to save his daughters. There’s still the matter of why he originally took up the mantle.

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The trailer has an answer for this too: for Freeland. At the core of everything, Jefferson’s family, school, and community all tie together to make Freeland as a whole. In the panel at SDCC, there was a lot of talk about community and what Black Lightning means for Freeland as well as the real-life black community.

Super Family

The trailer also gives us the idea that there are more family team-ups to look forward to. There’s going to be more action with Black Lightning and Thunder, of course, but it seems like Jennifer hasn’t fallen entirely to the wayside. Jennifer represents the voice of someone who doesn’t want their powers — someone who wants to live a normal life. It doesn’t seem like this has been brushed entirely to the side either.

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There is a surprising amount of focus on Jennifer’s scenes in the trailer — hopefully, this means we’ll be able to expect more training and more chances for Jennifer to own her powers. Jennifer’s powers are special. She produces her own energy and she’s able to save her father in more ways than one. Even if she doesn’t become a superhero, I’d love to see her come into her own with her powers, and it’d be great to watch Jefferson, Lynn, and Anissa help her there in their own ways.

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There are three reasons why the family dynamic in BLACK LIGHTNING works: the drama, the heartwarming moments, and the cool superhero team-ups. It’s likely we can expect all of that from season two, with the action cranked up to 11.


We know for sure from the trailer that the 100 and the ASA are still big threats in BLACK LIGHTNING. Even though our heroes exposed the ASA, there’s still a mess left to clean up because of them. The 100 provides street-level drama to balance out the government conspiracy plot, although both intertwine because of things like Greenlight.

It’s been confirmed in the panel that Khalil, stepping forward as Painkiller, will be a regular. We’ll be seeing more of him, likely with a focus on the drama between him and Jennifer. The trailer specifically honed in on the tension between them when Khalil first attacked in season one.

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Then, of course, there’s Tobias. Season one closed out with the implication that Tobias can take down Black Lightning permanently. We can expect Tobias’s plan to play out in this season, giving us some answers, but possibly give us more questions as well. The clash is sure to be high-energy no matter what.

BLACK LIGHTNING: Trailer or Recap?

Some people have already come out of the woodworks (mostly on YouTube, shocker) to complain that the trailer is truly a recap. However, the idea of using footage from season one seems pretty smart to me. It helps hype up fans, and, honestly, it’s been a while since season one. Not everyone has time for a full rewatch before new seasons drop, so I’m all for recaps.

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On top of that, supercuts are made purposefully. What scenes they decided to hone in on from season one tells us a lot about what we should be looking forward to. The trailer we were given wasn’t slapped together at random. This is a video specifically crafted for SDCC — it has to serve a specific purpose, and it did.

Image courtesy of DC and the CW

Paired with the panel and some of the things confirmed in it, the recap gives us a pretty solid idea of what season two holds. The panel lets us know about show regulars, giving us a confirmation that Painkiller is now going to be a regular villain. The panel also discussed deeper matters when it comes to BLACK LIGHTNING… the ideas of community and family that carry through and give us the heart of the show.

It’s a great first taste of what’s to come. Keeping us on our toes, looking forward to the stories we’ve already become invested in, and not revealing too much. I can say that it definitely has me hyped up for season two.

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