Following the revelation that Dinah’s military-ops ex was following the band last issue, BLACK CANARY #3 amps up the action and finally starts dishing out some plot details.

BLACK CANARY #3 by Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu

The third issue of DC’s BLACK CANARY series criss-crosses in time between a Black Canary (the band) concert and the (to say the least) hectic journey they took to get there. Namely, the band’s tour bus is being chased by a heavily-armed gang of motorcyclists. Dinah fights them off as best she can, while the band members hold their own within the bus, even capturing one of them. Eventually, Dinah corners her ex-husband, government agent Kurt Lance. He tells her that his forces aren’t out to hurt the band, but rather to protect her from the forces hunting their mysterious guitarist Ditto. The two head back to the bus just in time to save the band from the alien black-goo creature.


The band makes it to and successfully completes the show that we’ve seen snippets of throughout the issue. Afterwards, Dinah and Kurt have a discussion where he reveals some startling truths about Ditto and her connection to Dinah. Unbeknownst to them, the band’s disgruntled lead singer has heard that whole conversation, and abducts Ditto at the end of the issue. After the story proper ends, the issue contains another faux-story from the Burnside Tofu fanzine that reveals some fun nuggets and trivia about the band’s formation.

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BLACK CANARY #3 is easily the most action packed of the series so far, with a truly epic fight scenes between Dinah and a group of goons on top of the band’s tour bus. That’s not to say that the book is all action though, as it finally starts digging into the meat and potatoes of the series’ plot. We finally learn what Ditto is, who is after her, what connection she has to Dinah, and how Dinah’s ex-husband fits into the story. While I won’t spoil these revelations for you guys, I will say that I love them. Ditto’s link to Dinah’s past is one that I truly never could have telegraphed, but I really enjoy it, and am really curious to see where Fletcher goes with it.


The one slight drawback to the action-heavy plot is that it leaves little room for character-growth. Outside of Dinah and Kurt, we get very little from the rest of the book’s cast. However, due to the great build they’ve received in the previous two issues, these minor appearances do work, especially Paloma’s comfort using a pistol.

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I’ve been a big fan of Annie Wu’s concert-poster style art for this series, but she (along with colorist Lee Loughridge) really knocks it out of the park this issue. The transition scenes between Dinah on-stage and fighting the goons are spectacular. In fact, the whole sequence on top of the tour bus might be my favorite fight scene in a comic this year, and would make an awesome set-piece in an action film.


BLACK CANARY #3 finally marries the series’ spectacular art and punk rock vibe with real plot development that establishes exactly what’s at stake for Dinah and the rest of the cast, upping the book even further onto the list of DC’s top books.

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