New and old fans alike rejoice! For once, two of the best anime out there are being offered in HD free of charge —with no catch. The first seasons of both YU YU HAKUSHO and BLACK BUTLER can be downloaded with a single click by visiting Amazon Video.

Earlier this year, massive online retailer Amazon added an additional service aimed at anime watchers. The complementary video service, Anime Strike, has licensed a whole bunch of shows. By breaking into this new video market, Amazon has expanded options for fans to view and download anime in HD quality. This is especially important for U.S. viewers who often don’t have legal ways to see the newest Japanese hits.

BLACK BUTLER and Demonic Revenge

BLACK BUTLER debuted as a manga series in 2005 and appeared in shonen magazine Monthly GFantasy. Ciel Phantomhive, a thirteen-year-old head of an aristocratic family, forms a contract with a mysterious demon and solves crimes in London’s notorious underworld. On the evening of his tenth birthday, Ciel discovers the dead bodies of his parents and dog as his manor burns to the ground.  Cultists then kidnap him and sell him to a group that beats and tortures him for a month. Inexplicably summoning a demon, he escapes and returns to his manor. At the price of his soul, Ciel gains incredible power alongside his servant and waits to exact his revenge against his kidnappers.

Image: Madman Entertainment.
Ciel sips tea and plots his revenge.

The crime solving series ran for a total of three seasons. The 24 episodes of the first season premiered in 2008. The second season premiered in 2010, and the third came in late 2014. Various OVAs and films were released during this time. In addition, four musical adaptations premiered after the anime’s initial release.

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YU YU HAKUSHO’s Underworld Detective

YU YU HAKUSHO tells the story of teenager Yusuke Urameshi. It began its Jump publication in the early nineties. One day, Yusuke attempts to save a young child’s life. Despite his heroism, he is struck by the car that would’ve hit the child. He dies from the impact; however, rather than pass from this world, Yusuke undergoes a series of tasks and comes back to life. The son of the Underworld’s ruler, a toddler by the name of Koenma, facilitates the resurrection and takes charge of the reincarnated hero. Koenme appoints Yusuke an Underworld Detective, tasked with investigating cases in the human world involving demons. Like any classic shonen series, YU YU HAKUSHO is based on martial arts and classic action scenes.

Image: Crunchyroll.
Yusuke fires off his signature “Rei Gun” technique.

The anime ran for a grand total of 112 television episodes. It is most recognizable for the 14-year-old’s protagonists signature move, the “Rei Gun” attack. This is one of the first powers Yusuke acquires, a blast of spiritual energy fired from his fingertips. As the series may conceptually suggest, most of the plot revolves around an exploration of supernatural themes. The creator,  Yoshihiro Togashi’s, favorite childhood occult stories usually influenced the plot. For this reason, supernatural battles ensue.

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Amazon’s Victory for Anime Fans

While free seasons of incredible anime are by no means common, they do spell good things for the future. Amazon’s Anime Strike program costs an additional $15.00 per month on top of a standard prime subscription. Compared to the larger and more reliable anime providers such as Crunchyroll, this seems like a gamble. If the streaming service continues to sweeten the pot with free releases of classic anime, that may allow it to take some ground in the anime market. Especially considering the access to official HD dubs for U.S. viewers. This is an incredible step towards worldwide viewership of some of the best anime titles out there.

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