The Jailer makes his terrifying return in BLACK BOLT #11! After the otherworldly villain unexpectedly takes over Blinky’s body, Black Bolt confronts death itself in a shocking battle. In another impeccable issue, the dynamic duo of Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward offers readers some new, and certainly unexpected, twists and turns in this series.

So, how did this issue ultimately fare?

Well, find out, right here!

black bolt #11
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An Unexpected Return

BLACK BOLT #11 kicks off immediately where its predecessor left off. Still weakened by the poison that runs in his bloodstream, Black Bolt finds himself astounded by the emergence of The Jailer. When Titania realizes that this is the monster that killed her husband, Crusher Creel, she goes in for the kill. Surprisingly though, Black Bolt immediately stops her.


Well, Black Bolt fears that destroying The Jailer will simultaneously destroy Blinky as well since The Jailer has possessed his mind. He transports Titania far from the fight so that he can face his foe alone. Fortunately, we come to discover that Blinky’s consciousness is intact. In fact, she makes contact with Black Bolt’s son, Ahura, in an effort to save her Inhuman friend from death. However, the issue ends before we learn where Black Bolt’s fate lies.

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BLACK BOLT #11 is without a doubt a fantastic work. Its twist ending, that I won’t give away, serves as an excellent cliffhanger that will send shockwaves in upcoming issues. Also, there is a greater focus on Titania that I believe readers will definitely appreciate.

What I found to be the narrative’s stand out moment though was the change of heart in Ahura. Throughout this series, he has expressed disdain towards his father. Now, though, we are witnessing his dramatic change in character. He has realized that he does not want to lose his father, despite their rifts. Thus, it will be interesting to see how Ahmed builds upon this characterization in future issues as the plot’s stakes escalate.

black bolt #11
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The Many Hues of BLACK BOLT #11

Once again, Christian Ward exhibits some beautiful imagery. However, I do believe this issue maintains the weakest illustrations in the series thus far. I felt as though there was a lack of definition throughout the panels, a definition that has been consistently present in prior issues. Despite this though, there are plenty of beautiful illustrations in BLACK BOLT #11.

Perhaps my favorite sequences are the ones between Blinky and Ahura. Ward expertly captures the vibe of the astral realm in the setting of their interactions. Additionally, I love the way he depicts Ahura’s moment of clarity by subtly changing his facial expression.

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Also, I found the cover of BLACK BOLT #11 to be fitting. It portrays The Jailer to be consuming Blinky, an image that certainly parallels the narrative. I have always admired the way the narrative and artwork intertwine throughout this series. Their adjacency bolsters the significance of each and every moment of this comic. So, it is for this reason, and many others, that the artwork of this series continues to be such a strong aspect.

What Lies Beyond

BLACK BOLT #11 is a stellar work. It continues to traverse the struggles of its titular hero. At the same time though, the issue does not shy away from developing supporting characters such as Titania and Ahura. These characterizations bring more substance to the series. It helps us understand the motivations of these characters in relation to the overall story. Additionally, we come to understand their influence on Black Bolt himself.

So, Ahmed and Ward hit another one out of the park. This issue provides plenty of action and poignancy that will keep readers intrigued up until its twist ending.

Now, we can only wonder where the story will go from here. Will Blinky survive? Is Ahura’s change of heart genuine? Most importantly though, will Black Bolt survive his fight against The Jailer?

We can only wait and see.

From start to finish, BLACK BOLT #11 will keep you on the edge of your seat as our titular hero faces his most challenging obstacle yet.
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