Beware; spoilers for BLACK BOLT #10 abound! 

Black Bolt returns and faces some significant challenges in his latest adventure in BLACK BOLT #10. After breaking out of an extraterrestrial prison and returning home, our titular hero probably thought things would get easier. Unfortunately, he was far from right. In the last issue, his loyal, adorable companion, Blinky, was been kidnapped by the villainous Inhuman, Lash! Now, with the help of Titania, Black Bolt must rescue his friend and stop the terrifying Lash from unleashing his master plan.

So, how did the latest from writer Saladin Ahmed fare? Well, find out below!

black bolt #10
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The Poison of the Inhumans

Sometime after Blinky’s kidnapping, Black Bolt and Titania find Lash. There, Lash reveals his plans for the fate of humans. He believes that Inhumans and mere mortals are incapable of coexisting. As a result, Lash wishes to dominate the human race. He plans on releasing a device similar to a Terrigen bomb that will create new Inhumans while killing off numerous humans. The key to this device is the blood of an individual who has been exposed to the Terrigen Mist before birth.

Thus, Lash forces Black Bolt to serve as the device’s power source. During the excruciating process of powering the device, our titular hero experiences a poignant vision with his love, Medusa. This interaction ultimately gives him the drive to break free of his restraints and confront Lash with the help of Titania and Blinky.

The Voice of Black Bolt: A Look at the Iconic Inhumans Hero

Saladin Ahmed succeeds once again in using introspective narration into his work. Black Bolt is vulnerable and frequently showcases his fear despite him being a powerful Inhuman. The sequence between him and Medusa especially showcases these characteristics.

However, these aspects of his character ironically make him a stronger hero. As a result, Ahmed elevates this issue with his ability to break a hero down while simultaneously empowering him. With this, Titania has been a wonderful addition to the line-up as she juxtaposes BLACK BOLT #10’s darker tone with moments of light-heartedness and humor. Unfortunately, though, her character faded into the background in this issue. So, I hope to see more of her again in upcoming issues.

black bolt #10
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The Many Hues of BLACK BOLT #10

Christian James Ward implements some beautiful penciling and coloring in BLACK BOLT #10. The entire issue is abundant with color, establishing an engaging world. Additionally, his depiction of Lash is quite scary. There is so much detail in Lash’s design, especially in his face and deep, red eyes. As a result, he comes across as a menacing creature that could take Black Bolt down in a second.

My personal favorite sequence is the one where Black Bolt experiences his vision with Medusa. I love the way artist Stephanie Hans moves Black Bolt from one reality to another. It is creative and captures Medusa’s impact on Black Bolt’s nature. Additionally, it comes across as a surrealist sequence that brings a new layer of depth to the issue’s imagery.

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Thus, Ward and Hans showcase their ability to tell a story through imagery. In their artwork alone, we as readers come to understand the way Black Bolt feels solace with Medusa. This ultimately intertwines the art and narrative of this issue as one mode of storytelling. Each aspect balances the other and captures each and every detail the readers need to engage in.

So, it is efforts such as BLACK BOLT #10 that give new meaning to comic book storytelling.

What Lies Beyond

BLACK BOLT #10 is another wonderful entry to the Inhuman’s solo series. The story is intense and continues to bring new light to its titular hero. With this, its ambiguous conclusion will leave you anticipating what’s to come.

Christian Ward and Stephanie Hans’ art continues to bring life to the narrative. Every panel is genuinely worth gazing at.

So, if you have yet to read BLACK BOLT #10, or any entry of BLACK BOLT, please do so immediately. This series is amazing and has yet to disappoint.

BLACK BOLT #10 BY saladin ahmed, stephanie hans, & christian james ward
BLACK BOLT #10 showcases its titular hero in great fashion as the work puts its artistic and literary prowess on display.
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