RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #9 by Marv Wolfman, Pop Mhan, and Julian Totino Tedesco
RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #9 does well in adding a new layer into the story, giving readers another reason to be enticed. Collaboration between the artist and colorists creates a spread that shines above all the other pieces in the series thus far.
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Raven and the Night Force meet a new foe and learn the origin of the Shadow Riders in RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #9. Marv Wolfman adds a new layer to the story while Pop Mhan delivers consistently great artwork. Colorists Lovern Kindzierski and Carrie Strachan work well with Mhan to create a spectacular piece. Cover artist Julian Totino Tedesco offers readers a unique gateway into the ninth edition of DC Entertainment’s RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS.

Warning, potential spoilers forRAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #9 are below!

Who Is Black Alice?

Our story opens on Black Alice RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #9. This girl can steal powers from other arcanes and use it for herself, though only temporarily. Baron Winters wants Raven to go and save her from a Shadow Rider. He hopes doing so will convince Black Alice to help the Night Force. Unfortunately, she steals Raven’s teleportation ability and vanishes, leaving Rachel running for her life.

RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #9 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Raven eventually regains her powers and teleports back to Baron’s mansion, infuriated and distrustful. Baron claims that Black Alice has her own agenda and that he didn’t know she would turn on Raven. Whether or not the Baron’s telling the truth is unknown. Black Alice also removes Skye Harper’s memories of her time in the Dark World (where the Shadow Riders hide). Exactly when Skye went to the Dark World isn’t made clear, nor when Black Alice took her memories.

A Short Origin Story of the Shadow Riders

Raven taps into Skye’s memories of the Dark World to uncover the truth about the Shadow Riders (how Raven sees these memories, even though they don’t exist in Skye’s head, is unclear). We learn that humans once ruled the world due to an increase in their population. However, evil arcanes rose in an attempt to enslave mankind.

An unnamed human learned an unknown secret that created the Shadow Riders, protecting their race from the arcanes. Basically, the arcanes were the bad guys while the Shadow Riders were actually the good guys.

A New Layer Adds Mystery To An Already Crazy Story

Marv Wolfman including in Black Alice adds a mysterious new layer to this story. There are many questions about her that still need answers. What’s her agenda? Why not join the Night Force? Why does she betrays the other arcanes and steal Skye’s memories? There’s still so much missing, but that’s what makes her addition to this series so juicy.

RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #9 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

With the Shadow Riders revealed as the good guys, RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #9 becomes the gateway to a new perspective. Maybe the truth of the Shadow Riders being mankind’s protectors will change the way the story’s told. There was mention of the Night Force possibly wanting to protect the Shadow Riders, but whether or not it’ll work out or even happen is hard to say.

One thing that was a little irritating about the plot is, in RAVEN: DAUGTHER OF DARKNESS #8, we left off with Jonathan Middleton transforming into a Shadow Rider and yet that isn’t addressed in the current issue. You’d think the story might leave a little information about where he might go and what he’ll do next. Very disappointing.

Continually Consistent Art And A New Take On The RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #9 Cover

Mhan continues to be consistent with his art. He executes everything well. The best and most elaborate piece is when Raven looks at Skye’s memories. With a combination of Mhan’s style and the teamwork of colorists Kindzierski and Strachan, we’re given a cluster of information with an aggressive pop of color. All of these elements combined creates a perfectly intense sense of intimacy by going into Skye’s memories.

The cover by Julian Totino Tedesco is worth mentioning because it’s the most unique out of all the previous ones. The black and grey color scheme is a different and welcome change. However, the question of why this cover is different remains. Is it to symbolize looking into the past and the amount of tension in the story? What makes RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #9 so special?

Searching For Answers in RAVEN DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #10

Having a new layer to the RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS plot is great and all, but there are a lot of questions that still need to be answered. All we know is a battle may take place soon, but it’s uncertain what Wolfman’s going to tell us next month. Will we know more about Black Alice’s goals or Jonathan Middleton future as a Shadow Rider? Could we please have both? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Stay tuned for RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #10, coming in November!

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