A comic for all of the non-compliant women, Bitch Planet is the story of a black woman named Kam that lives on the penitentiary planet called colloquially Bitch Planet. Although that description just barely scratches the surface of what makes this comic so bad ass.

Written by Kelly Sue Deconnick with art by Valentine De Landro is a four issue deep on-going series set in the not so distant future. In that future women who break the law by being fat or showing any signs of challenge to the norms created by the fathers are sent to a prison planet. There are conspiracies, twists, humor, anger, and lesbian shower scenes in a comic that exploits the exploitation genre. Basically, to call this comic a feminist anthem would not be a stretch. Unlike Orange is the New Black in the fact that these women are prisoners, but the women of Bitch Planet make the characters on that show seem weak. These women are strong. These women are angry. These women are fighters.

With the same humor and energy that Deconnick infused in her run of Supergirl, Avengers Assemble, and Captain Marvel, Bitch Planet is a world created by Deconnick that has a lot of amazing things to say about gender, race, and sexuality in today’s society. And one of the best surprises about the comic is that at the end of each issue, Deconnick features a critical essay written about feminism, which relates in some way to the topic of the issue. In addition, the comic features an issue every three or so times, Deconnick has specified that this might change, that gives the backstory of an inmate. The most recent was fan favorite Penny, and you need to read all about her to see how she became the amazing woman she is today.

Overall, Bitch Planet is an amazing comic that breaks down barriers and is one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever read. If you’re a Buffy fan then this will be for you, but honestly if you’re a fan of good comics this is also for you. Are you non-compliant? Good, time for a prison break.


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