Birds of Prey Trailer feature

When IT CHAPTER 2 hit theatres in September, it featured a brief teaser for BIRDS OF PREY (AND THE FANTABULOUS EMANCIPATION OF HARLEY QUINN), our first look at the film beyond some limited still images. It was essentially a pun with Quinn (Margot Robbie) mentioning her distaste for clowns followed by a rapid montage of images. The clown thing, you understand, was because of Pennywise AND The Joker. Good stuff.

Anyway, it demonstrated that Robbie had leaned even heavier into the distinct Harley accent but little else.

Until now! Hours ago, the first full BIRDS trailer dropped online. We here at ComicsVerse, as part of our mission to serve the community, have watched it and will now happily call your attention to some of the answers it provides.

BIRDS OF PREY Aesthetics

Between this, AQUAMAN, and SHAZAM! (and why not, let’s count JOKER as well), it appears the Snyder palette no longer reigns supreme when it comes to Warner Bros. DC Comics movies. The trailer seems to indicate a frequently bright movie with a fairly extensive color palette. Even the scenes that feature a darker lighting scheme also boast a wide range of colors including neons and pastels. The denatured look of, say, BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is nowhere near this one.

What is BIRDS OF PREY About?

Thematically, it seems, liberation. Specifically of its characters from the patriarchy including institutions (the Gotham PD), bad relationships (Mr. J), and society as a whole.

Also liberation from Black Mask (Ewan McGregor) who seems very interested in offering a different kind of freedom to the Birds of Prey. The one that frees you from this plane of existence, often via a hail of bullets.

Beyond that, the trailer makes a deeper explanation of the plotline had to parse. While not as short or as montage-y as the IT teaser, the trailer still has a chaotic frenetic feel. It wants to convey the feel of the film more than spell out the plot.

Harley Quinn: Single Lady

As hinted at in the poster images released earlier, the BIRDS OF PREY trailer confirms that Quinn now knows the heartbreak of a failed relationship. Given that she throws a knife at an image of the Mr. J and cuts her pigtails angrily, it would also seem the breakup may not have an amicable one. Shocking, I know, given the parties involved.

Birds of Prey Trailer: No More Mr. J
Note the numerous references to Joker being crossed out. The pain of a bad breakup. (Courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Harley Quinn is the Lead, the Birds of Prey Her Supporting Cast

Despite the title of the film, the trailer seems to pretty heavily suggest this is a Quinn’s world and the others have come along for the ride. It could Warner’s is just leading with their best know character but that’s a whole lot of Quinn footage to very little Birds of Prey footage.

Speaking of the Birds of Prey, How Are Those Costumes?!


I mean, Quinn has a ton of outfits. Black Canary (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) has an attention getting ensemble. Huntress (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is rocking that black leather late 90’s movie superhero look. However, no one wears anything even close to their comic book looks. Even Quinn has ditched the bootie shorts and ripped tight shirt new 52 aesthetic that she had in SUICIDE SQUAD.

Are Huntress and Black Canary the Only Two Birds of Prey?

It does not seem that way. The Renee Montoya (Rosie Perez) of this movie seems to have quit police work and aligned herself with the Birds.

There is also Ella Jay Basco who seems to be playing a much younger, more verbal, less ninja interpretation of Cassandra Cain.

Ali Wong has a part too but I have zero clue who she is or whose side she might be on.

Wait, Rosie Perez Is in This?

Right?! How the heck did I miss that?

Please Tell Me Her Montoya is Queer?

The trailer gives us nothing on that.

Birds of Prey Trailer: The Birds
This, as near as we can tell, is the BIRDS OF PREY lineup. (Courtesy of Warner Bros.)

I Also Heard Black Mask is Gay

I have nothing on this either.

Is There Anything You Can Tell Me About Black Mask?

McGregor seems to be having some fun playing him? He definitely decided to go the scenery chewing route with Mr. Sionis.

He also never wears the mask in the trailer which does lend some credence to that rumor although it seems wild to have a character named Black Mask never wear one.

Can We Go Back to Cassandra Cain for A Second?

Sure. She looks like late tweens, early teens and wears a cast. Unlike her comic counterpart, she seems to speak without issue. She does not seem to be one of the greatest martial artists in the world, but perhaps it will turn out otherwise.

Harley and the Hyena
Forgot to mention this, but the trailer makes it clear that Harley does get her iconic pets, at least.

Any Other Villains in BIRDS OF PREY? Do They Wear Costumes?

Victor Zsasz is played by Chris Messina with a solid bleach job. There is a blink and you miss it shot of his neck that suggests this version also engages in ritual scarification after every kill. So that’s kind of like a costume?


Robbie was one of the few bright spots of SUICIDE SQUAD. She still seems to bringing that sense of fun and play to the character and I am certainly here for that.

I love that they gave Cathy Yan a relatively new director — and a woman of color besides — a shot as well.

The screenwriter, Christina Hodson, seems to have engendered a ton of confidence from Warner Bros. given that she is said to be scripting both BATGIRL and FLASH next. Additionally, she wrote the best TRANSFORMERS live-action film since TRANSFORMER, if not ever, in BUMBLEBEE.

I love the characters from the comics, so that helps too.

All of that said, the lack of costumes bums me out and makes me worried about how “recognizable” Huntress and Black Canary are going to be in terms of personality. I would hate to see some of the self-consciousness and self-loathing of late-90’s superhero films that this movie seems to be borrowing some of its looks from be this film’s dominant interpretation of the characters.

So let’s say, I’m cautiously optimistic?

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