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Wizard World Philadelphia 2016 was a fantastic forum for comic book creators to display their work and show off their talents. There were many famous artists and illustrators at the convention this year. However, none may be as famous as the one and only Billy Martin. He is best known for his work with the band GOOD CHARLOTTE. Martin plays the rhythm guitar and keyboard for the American pop punk group.

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Billy Martin: Comics Creator and Musician!

Though Billy Martin may be well known for being a member of GOOD CHARLOTTE, he is also known in the comic book world as a fantastic illustrator. We were able to catch up with Martin at his booth and watch him sketch as well as check out his displayed artwork. He graciously gave us some time for an interview with ComicsVerse’s Kay Honda!

Billy was very open discussing the two things he loved doing most: playing music and drawing art. They are so important to him that he could not pick one over the other, even though he started drawing before he ever began to play the guitar (which he didn’t start until he was a teenager). Martin also described the similarities between the two art forms in terms of the creative process.

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We had a great time talking to Billy Martin about his current and past work as well. He has been working on NINJA TURTLES for IDW. He also shared a comic he co-wrote and illustrated titled VITRIOL. It features his love of the vampire genre and the horror genre overall. Be sure to check it out!

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