Bill Sienkiewicz is a legendary artist known for his cover and interior work for both MARVEL and DC COMICS. His covers for BATMAN #400 and THE NEW MUTANTS have become iconic. We got the chance to talk to him for a few moments at his booth during San Diego Comic Con.

Bill gave us the scoop on his upcoming series from IMAGE COMICS and his thoughts on the adaptation of his NEW MUTANTS  run into a live-action medium. 

ComicsVerse: What can you tell me about the New Mutants IDW book that recently came out?

Bill Sienkiewicz: It would be great if it could go back to press because there are so many people who would have loved to of gotten a copy. I think it’s phenomenal, so thank you to them (IDW) and thank you to MARVEL for getting behind it. It’s my entire run, and all the colors and the printing is just phenomenal.

CV: How are you enjoying the con so far?

Bill: Usually, my response during the middle of it, even though I’ve done so many of them, is I won’t know how I am right now, until like Tuesday. There’s a considerable lag until it all catches up to me. I think I’ve learned how to pace myself. Earlier when I would do shows years ago, I would stay up for up to two to three days, just wired. Now though, I do it a bit more responsibly.

CV: Some of your work is being into new mediums like T.V. and film. Can you tell us about any of that or any projects that are moving over?

Bill: Actually, I’m not in any real position to talk about some of that. Many people do know that there’s a NEW MUTANTS movie getting done, and of course, everyone knows about LEGION but anything else besides that I’m not able to talk about.

CV: Have you seen LEGION so far? What are your thoughts on it?

Bill: Oh, I love it. Just love it, they’ve done a phenomenal job. I can’t thank them enough, everyone from Noah Hawley to Lauren Shuler Donner to the entire cast.

Bill Sienkiewicz

CV: I’ve heard that they’re going to use DEMON BEAR SAGA for the NEW MUTANTS movie, can you tell us about that run?

Bill: Well, it takes place with Danielle Moonstar. There’s a lore or legend within her people about a Demon Bear that sucks the souls out of people in their tribe. It becomes a nightmare figure to her, and it manifests itself into reality. It affects the entire New Mutants. I don’t know if you’ve seen the opening animatic for the movie. One of the things that I think Josh Boone is doing is he’s treating it like a horror film.

Also, we’re familiar enough with the New Mutants and mutants and X-creatures general, that we can just dive into the story. It really opens up with them waking up and just plunging them into the story. I love that; you’re able to try to solve the mystery as the students try to solve them.

The fact that it’s going to be the Demon Bear as the first installment of hopefully three makes me really excited. Again, everything I’ve seen by Josh and his team has been phenomenal. I’ve had some conversations with some executives, and I’ll probably be visiting the set and contributing more to the series.

CV: Do you have any other upcoming projects coming up?

Bill: Yeah, actually I have one coming up with Kelly Sue DeConnick called PARISIAN WHITE. Which I have been hoping to get, well I’ve started on it, but I haven’t gotten any major progress made. I’ve just been taking on too much at a time, but right when I get back from San Diego I’m diving right into that. I’m really looking forward to that; she’s a phenomenal writer. The series takes place in this Blade Runnerish 1920’s version of Paris, and it revolves around a murder mystery with an incredibly diverse cast of characters. It’s just really exciting, and IMAGE is publishing it.

CV: If you could take over a book right now, what would you choose?

Bill: Wow, that good question. Well, there’s one character, of course, I would love to do a Batman run for a while. But if I were to do any one sort of job, there’s always been one character I thought that would be fun to do, maybe just one or two issues of, and that would be Conan the Barbarian. Even though it’s not one people are super familiar with, but it’s one character that I grew up with.

CV: You have a very extraordinary style of art, it’s gorgeous and amazing honestly. What can you tell me about what influenced you becoming an artist?

Bill: Well, Neal Adams influenced me heavily growing up. When I started working, that was my main source for influence and inspiration. After that, I started to pull in some of the inspiration I found from other forms of illustration, fine art and advertising to shape what I wanted comics to be. It’s been an interesting road, my style that you mention. I think if I tried to bring it into comics now as I tried then there would be no way I’d get hired because it’s just too out there.

Bill Sienkiewicz
Image Courtesy of DC Comics

CV: Any current reads that you’re tearing through?

Bill: Speaking of Kelly Sue DeConnick, BITCH PLANET is one that I love. Anything by Moon and Bà, or Matt Fraction I love. I’ve also been enjoying FIGHT CLUB 2 by Chuck Palahniuk, David Mack did all the covers which are great. I’m kind of behind on so much from being so busy. I see so many different things I want to get to. I did enjoy what Liam Sharp did on WONDER WOMAN. The thing is, I get to sort of dip into different projects but haven’t been able to dive into every issue, so I feel very behind.

CV: Anything else you want to mention or let fans know?

Bill: If you would just keep an eye out for PARISIAN WHITE from IMAGE. It’s my first series in a while, but I’ll be doing inking over Denys Cowan on THE BLACK RACER AND SHILO NORMAN SPECIAL, so I’m keeping my hands in that. In terms of fully painted art, PARISIAN WHITE is the big project that I’m hoping people will stay on board for that.

It was an honor interviewing artist Bill Sienkiewicz!

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