BIG HERO 6 took the world by storm when it came out on November 7, 2014. Based on an obscure Marvel title, the movie was able to provide heart, humor, and heroics to many. However, fans were skeptical when Disney announced a television series based on the movie would come out. Then it was announced that the team behind KIM POSSIBLE signed on to produce the show, and the skepticism died down. Finally, on November 20, 2017, BIG HERO 6: THE SERIES premiered.

First Thoughts on BIG HERO 6: THE SERIES

The first episode was released as a one-hour special on Disney XD. While watching the premiere, I managed to laugh and enjoy the show as much as I did the movie.

The animation used in the series is more similar to DUCKTALES than BIG HERO 6, but considering the budget, it is not that distracting. DUCKTALES is known to have a comic book-inspired animation style. Seeing that same style in the series works, especially since the movie was based on a Marvel comic.

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The show plays with comic book cliches, making it more entertaining. For example, when Fred suggests that the team go on night patrol, everyone else says it is unnecessary. They say that them being superheroes was only a one-time event. Another time, the team goes out and tries to prevent a speeding car. The team stops the car and sees that it was just a man driving his pregnant wife to the hospital.

The story, however, seems to be awkwardly paced. When the show cuts from one scene to another, the transition isn’t that smooth. Certain scenes feel rushed throughout the episode, and it makes you wonder why. For example, when the team rescues Hiro and Fred from Yama, the rescue part happens within seconds.

The fighting is laid out, but the actual rescue happens within seconds after. Another example is that some of the jokes are told so fast that the audience can’t connect with the joke. Fred talks so much that it’s hard to latch on to every joke he says. Each episode will most likely be a standard 22 minutes, but that does not mean scenes should be rushed through to get to the action.

Link to the Movies

Even though some of the scenes were rushed, I did appreciate the overall story and how it connected to the film. At the end of BIG HERO 6, Hiro rebuilt Baymax, and the team continues to patrol San Fransokyo as superheroes. This show starts after the city was saved but before Baymax was rebuilt. The first half of the episode builds up to how Hiro was able to rebuild Baymax. At the end of the first half, we see the same scene as the ending to the movie where Baymax is activated, and Hiro hugs him.

The second half shows what got the team to become superheroes again. Throughout the episode, only Fred wanted to continue being a superhero. Everyone else is against the idea. But after an army of evil Baymax skeletons is set loose onto the city, the team has no choice but to suit up and take them down. Throughout this episode, we see the team being tested and them eventually overcoming their challenges. The only thing missing was an awesome Fall Out Boy song to accompany the battle.

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Voice Cast

BIG HERO 6: THE SERIES manages to keep most of the cast from the movie. Scott Adsit, Ryan Potter, Jamie Chung, and Genesis Rodriguez reprise their roles as Baymax, Hiro Hamada, GoGo Tamago, and Honey Lemon.

The new voice actors playing Wasabi and Fred sound similar enough to the movie versions that most people wouldn’t recognize the difference. Khary Payton can balance the cowardliness of Wasabi with his braveness. Brooks Wheelan can bring out the excitement and fearlessness of Fred while balancing the comedy aspect as well.

What to Expect

BIG HERO 6: THE SERIES provided laughs and entertainment and should definitely be watched by fans of the movie. The show can appeal to both fans young and old. Children can watch this and enjoy the action, while older fans can enjoy the stories being told. The series has already been picked up for a Season 2, which means there are plenty of adventures for Big Hero 6 to go on.

Based on the first episode, it seems there is going to be a big bad villain who will challenge Big Hero 6 more than they have before. The villain seems to have a great understanding of robotics and machinery, so much so that even Yama from the movie fears him.

Big Hero 6: The Series

Hiro will have to find a way to balance schoolwork and being a hero along with the rest of the team. He will most likely draw a few comparisons to Spider-Man throughout the series, but not many. The team will go on crazy adventures in San Fransokyo, fighting criminals and probably causing mischief.

One character that will be interesting to see is the new Dean of Students, Professor Granville (Jennifer Lewis). It is unclear if she has some connection to the main villain or not. Though it seems interesting that she had a rock that could overpower machinery on a dangerous level. That is not something most people carry around with them.

The future of this show looks promising, and I am looking forward to what BIG HERO 6: THE SERIES does next with this team of heroes.

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