ComicsVerse had the distinct pleasure of chatting with Betsy Peterschmidt at C2E2 this year. Betsy Peterschmidt is a NY-based freelance illustrator and story artist, and her work can be found gracing the interior of the MISKATONIC SCHOOL FOR GIRLS and the covers of Diana Wynne Jones’s THE ISLAND OF CHELDEA and Naomi Shihab Nye’s THE TURTLE OF OMAN. Her sequential artwork has also been featured in Marvel’s New York Times Bestselling anthology OUT OF THE PAST and Frank Beddor’s HATTER MADIGAN series.

In addition to her work as a freelance illustrator, she launched her own watercolor comic BOYS WITH WINGS in 2012.

This is the story about three young geniuses who have a strong ambition to fly.

So strong, that not even the laws of gravity, mathematics, and parental figures will stop them.

The daughter of an esteemed flight commander finds herself irrevocably lost after a flying machine of her father’s crashes on the other side of the world. The blame falls into the hands of two rambunctious boys, who decide to learn how to pilot the machine in order to return her home safely.

Along the way, perhaps they can learn a few other things about flying, and make discoveries that they never believed were possible. The only thing she has to do is maintain her sanity in this  wild,  unkempt jungle.

– Betsy Peterschmidt

In our interview, we discussed what inspired BOYS WITH WINGS and where she hopes to take this project in the future. Along the way, we touched upon magical realism, steam punk, the symbiosis between man, nature, and technology, fantasy and escapism, and her love of taking things apart and figuring out how they work.

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Betsy is also currently working on a new project, SEVEN. For more information on this project and well as her current projects, be sure to find Betsy Peterschmidt on Twitter @BCPeterschmidt and check out her portfolio here. Be sure to support BOYS WITH WINGS as well! If you liked this interview, be sure to let us know in the comments below, on YouTube, or on Twitter @Comicsverse.

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