After a drought regarding any new FALLOUT games, fans of the series received a big surprise. Bethesda updated its Twitter with an image reading “Please Stand By.” After waiting for a day, a new game was announced, titled: FALLOUT 76.

A typical FALLOUT Shelter room; Bethesda Softworks, 2018.

While the video was merely a teaser, any news can be good news. The teaser starts off with a voice singing John Denver’s “Country Roads” from an old 50’s speaker. The camera then pans out revealing many rooms of a FALLOUT shelter, starting with the bedroom.

As the camera pans we see a large auditorium with streamers, decorated for a party. What’s interesting about these banners is that they all say “Reclamation Day!” After this, a lone man, dressed in a Vault 76 jumpsuit seemingly dresses to head out into the wasteland. Over this last part the voice of series regular, Ron Perlman, intones

“In Vault 76, our future begins.”

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Healthy Speculation About FALLOUT 76

With very actual info for the game, all we’re left with is speculations and leaks about FALLOUT 76. While FALLOUT has always been a single-player experience and most people expected this to be a new entry in the main canon, things are looking very different. After the first trailer dropped, there were leaks on Reddit pertaining to the game’s content and all signs seem to point to multiplayer.

Look at that cool vault-suit! Bethesda Softworks, 2018.

The majority of the comments seem in a negative light, with multiplayer being a sore point. As we all know, just adding multiplayer to a single player series doesn’t fix everything. In a day and age where we have survival MMORPG’s like RUST and ARK online, a FALLOUT RPG seems like a no-brainer.

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As someone who’s spent so many hours in MMO’s as a teenager, I’m very excited. Because, who doesn’t want to spend hours in the wasteland with friends? It seems like (despite the constant remakes of Skyrim) Bethesda has its head on straight. The FALLOUT series has always been one of my favorites, but time will tell how this game turns out.

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