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Big-budget horror can walk a thin line between good and bad. In the last few years, however, it has rarely been all that creative. Most horror movies have followed the formula we’ve all come to know and abhor: loud noises, jumpscares, dumb characters doing dumb things that guarantee their death, etc. However, where there have been a few gems in big-budget horror movies, horror fans are almost guaranteed to find something in the indie scene. One of the best indie horror scenes, as it were, exists on YouTube.

While not all of them are going to be masterpieces due to low budgets and other factors, YouTube does have an impressive cast of indie horror films and creative teams bringing scares out in all new ways. And for the month of horror, we’re going to be delving into some of the absolute best indie horror films you can find on YouTube!


indie horror

No, this isn’t the major motion picture by James Wan. Instead, this is an indie horror film that clocks in at less than three minutes, but still manages to be unsettling and outright terrifying. It is, in fact, also the source of inspiration for Wan’s rendition of LIGHTS OUT, and even features a similar opening scene as the same hapless actress gets caught in the fray.

For fans of: the Hollywood adaptation of the same name


indie horror

If there’s one thing horror movies have taught us, it’s that messing with a Ouija board is not a good move. There’s no telling what kind of evil it might let in. In the case of the indie horror film DON’T MOVE, it happens to let in a demon. Said demon is partially blind as well as partially deaf, and can only really sense its victims if they move—hence the title. Our poor characters are stuck in their flat, frozen exactly as they were when the demon first emerged. Five of them must die and only one can live. With surprisingly good gore effects, excellent acting, and fantastic camera work, DON’T MOVE is extremely tense and even an interesting psychological dig at people trapped in a corner.

For fans of: DARKNESS FALLS, and the horror of monsters that can only attack in certain creepy conditions


indie horror

There’s nothing more troublesome than a crazy ex, right? In this Spanish indie horror film, a young man is speaking with his new girlfriend about his allegedly troubled ex. It is implied that the ex, named Alexia, took her own life. Being assured by his new girlfriend, the young man unfriends his ex on Facebook to finally put the ghosts of the past at rest. Instead of resting, however, Alexia is not very happy with being replaced and she’s ready to make her displeasure known. Tense, creepy, and with outstanding make-up effects, ALEXIA is an excellent short indie horror film to get you in the spirit—or remind you that your exes aren’t so bad.

For fans of: UNFRIENDED and its creepy, clingy lovers

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indie horror

I think we can all agree that security guards have it rough. Whether it is enduring killer animatronics, constantly being killed in slasher films, or just living through the night from hell, their jobs aren’t easy. That’s exactly what the foolhardy security guard in the indie horror short DOWNSTAIRS learns. Descending down into the dark to check out some strange occurrences, the guard is confronted with ghosts galore that take a particular pleasure in spooking him. While this short has an occasional splash of humor in it, it does manage to be pretty creepy and a perfect short to dig into for less than twenty minutes.

For fans of: EVIL DEAD, but with a bit less cheese


indie horror

This one combines a strange setup with a horrifying ending. PLAY TIME is an indie horror short that begins with a video popping up on a woman’s TV that depicts horrible torture, screaming, and just generally something you’d see on the darknet. Attempting to turn it off does her no good and, without warning, the entire room comes to life in the worst of ways. Though this woman just wants peace, some malevolent force has decided that it’s play time instead. The sound design is especially good in this short and every scream will pierce through the viewer’s tender little ears as they watch.

For fans of: THE CONJURING


indie horror

“There’s something under my bed.” These words have been the cause of so much fear and horror throughout history. No one likes the idea of something being under one of their most vulnerable places, especially something malevolent. Based on a two-line story posted on Reddit, BEDTIME is short, sweet and comes with quite the twist. This short is reminiscent of many old horror stories and myths, proving that horror knows no bounds of place or time.

For fans of: 2005’s BOOGEYMAN

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indie horror

Horror from the East can be some of the most gruesome, visceral and grotesque you might ever see. We’re all familiar with adaptations like THE GRUDGE from JU-ON, THE RING, and others. Bringing that body horror, HUMAN FORM is a psychological indie horror film about a girl that lives in a world of surgically altered girls all designed to look a certain “perfect” way. It then follows the extreme measures she takes to achieve perfection. HUMAN FORM isn’t for everyone, especially the squeamish, but it is a fascinating piece and very worth your time. Sort of like the Stepford Wives gone horribly wrong.

For fans of: THE STEPFORD WIVES, but waaaay scarier

What do you think, horror fans? YouTube is riddled with indie horror films that range from amazing to “meh,” depending on where you look. Not only do they come in multiple languages, but many of them present interesting ideas and horror in ways you may have never seen before. Whether you are looking for something short to get you in the spirit for Halloween as it creeps up on us all, or want to marathon a bunch of short indie horror films just for fun, you can find what you need on YouTube.

These are just seven of the fantastic films out there. If you dare plunge the depths of YouTube for more, you are going to find a horde of short films that are sure to make your haunting month. If you have a favorite that wasn’t mentioned, let us know in the comments!

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