Ben Reilly returns in BEN REILLY THE SCARLET SPIDER #1! MARVEL officially released the first look of BEN REILLY THE SCARLET SPIDER #1, which will be released next month on April 26th. Writer Peter David (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, SPIDER-MAN 2099, X-FACTOR) and artist Mark Bagley (ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, ALL-NEW X-MEN) collaborate to tell the tale of Ben Reilly’s controversial yet triumphant return!

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The clone concept in Spider-Man comics is often hotly debated, and the word clone is nearly taboo. However, many fans, including myself, admit Ben Reilly to be the best thing out of the faulty “Clone Saga” storyline from the 1990’s. Now with the “The Clone Conspiracy” relatively complete, Ben Reilly, having taken the Scarlet Spider mantle away from Kaine, is now ready to pursue his own life and dreams!

Ben Reilly is a man who suffered at the hands of the Jackal. He’s been figuratively dead to the world for years. Will Ben Reilly’s morals make him more of a hero, anti-hero, or villain? Now, Ben Reilly has the manhunting Kaine Parker on his tail. Will he be able to remain noble in the face of so many life altering variables? Find out in BEN REILLY THE SCARLET SPIDER #1!

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One of the most exciting aspects of this BEN REILLY THE SCARLET SPIDER #1 is the creative team. Peter David is perhaps best known for his recent work on SPIDER-MAN 2099 and “Kraven’s Last Hunt,” but many should also take note of his run on FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN and X-FACTOR. FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN was one of the most honest takes on Peter Parker, so it would seem a sensitive character like Ben Reilly is in good hands. Then there’s Mark Bagley, who is perhaps the most notable Spider-Man artist out there, doing both work in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN in the 1990’s. There is little no doubt he will add significantly to the depiction of Ben Reilly.

Now that Spider-Man creative veterans are taking control of BEN REILLY THE SCARLET SPIDER, there should be no doubt that Marvel’s favorite clone is here to stay! The question is simply where Ben Reilly will wind up, especially, with Peter Parker essentially being the new Tony Stark. Perhaps Peter David and Mark Bagley have plans to make Ben Reilly more grounded like a traditional Spider-Man? Whatever they do decide, one thing is clear: BEN REILLY: THE SCARLET SPIDER is going to be an exciting ride.

Ben Reilly The Scarlet Spider #1 Image Gallery

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