Ben Kahn

In only its second year, Flame Con 2016 was filled with lots of great artists and fans. ComicsVerse is thrilled we were able to chat with the exceptional Ben Kahn about the comics he’s working on!

Ben Kahn is the writer for the comics SHAMAN and HEAVENLY BLUES. SHAMAN follows the adventures of a man capable of bringing people back to life, aptly named Shaman. He works with his teenage-sorceress-daughter, LL, who has magic tattoos, and Zachary Wu, an ex-superhero who can teleport. Ben Kahn’s latest comic, HEAVENLY BLUES, focuses on two inhabitants of hell, Isaiah Jefferson and Erin Foley, who plan on stealing a treasure of God from an archangel. Both series of comics exist in moral gray areas where protagonists are forced to make tough decisions, like having to bring back a villain to life in SHAMAN and breaking into Heaven in HEAVENLY BLUES.

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In the interview, Ben talks about how he got his start in comics, his writing process, and his inspirations. Ben discusses how he works with Bruno Hidalgo, the artist for both projects, without having met him face-to-face. Ben Kahn reflects on themes of morality in his comics and on writing anti-heroes. He explains how he balances humor and action in his comics without making it slap-stick. With a focus on dialogue to shape events, Ben Kahn begins with conversations to create story outlines. A man with a plan, Ben already has a clear idea of how SHAMAN will end. With a shout-out to Freud, Ben examines his characters in depth and reveals which characters he relates to the most. Lastly, Ben Kahn imagines an exciting (but sadly hypothetical) crossover placing SHAMAN in a Quentin Tarantino movie.

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If you haven’t already read SHAMAN and HEAVENLY BLUES, then we recommend you do and make sure to keep an eye out for Ben Kahn!

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