HACK/SLASH RESURRECTION #7 by Tini Howard, Celor and K. Michael Russel
HACK/SLASH RESURRECTION #7 is an exciting issue with a plot full of surprises and charcters that make the comic worth reading. The art matches the dynamic nature of the characters, and the coloring sets the mood of the issue.
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Plenty of people wish they could have a ghostly encounter, but not Cassie Hack. Well, in HACK/SLASH RESURRECTION #7, she doesn’t get much of a choice. Written by Tini Howard and illustrated by Celor, this issue of HACK/SLASH RESURRECTION is a wild ride.

Picking Up the Pieces

In the previous issues of HACK/SLASH RESURRECTION, all hell broke loose at summer camp. This brought Cassie Hack back into action. Once her friend Vlad had come back to life, she and Vlad started kicking ass and taking names. They killed every zombie plaguing the summer camp and destroyed the lab they were created in.

Now that Cassie Hack is back in the killing business, HACK/SLASH RESURRECTION #7 picks up with Cassie getting a new mission. Cat Curio received a strange message about a paranormal investigation she was asked to help document. Knowing that Cassie lives in the paranormal, Cat calls her up. However, this task may not be what it seems. When neither slashers nor zombies appear, but instead very real ghosts show up, things start to get weird.

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Writing Horror Stories

Tini Howard writes HACK/SLASH RESURRECTION #7 so that it seems to start in way that is normal to the series. Someone has a problem, and Cassie accepts the job despite not seeming interested at all. Things start to get weird the second Cassie, Vlad, Cat, and Pooch go to meet the couple that hired them for help at a supposedly haunted house. The group almost immediately encounters real and dangerous ghosts. This is shocking because Cassie usually encounters slashers and zombies, not ghosts. It leaves readers wondering how Cassie can fight these things that don’t actually have bodies. She certainly tries, but after running into one while alone in the house, it would seem she can only hope to escape. Most problems that Cassie faces she can beat to death so, how can she get out of this one? More surprises like this follow, one after another.

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Speaking of beating things to death, Cassie’s demeanor when fighting really helps to make the comic less horrifying and more exciting and enjoyable.  Cassie doesn’t just scream and run away from a fight like many girls in the horror genre. She curses and beats the monsters up. Even when it looks like a ghost taking the form of a carnivorous fish is beating her, she just fights back and even makes jokes. She refuses to take that kind of nonsense from anyone, let alone from a ghost fish. Her demeanor tells us how she is stubborn, and how she is definitely a fighter. This attitude keeps people engaged not only for the horror aspects, but also for the comedy and adventure of HACK/SLASH RESURRECTION #7.


The art by Celor in HACK/SLASH RESURRECTION #7 makes the characters seem very dynamic in movement and appearance. The dynamic facial expressions really make a big difference in the issue. The characters have many different expressions — from exasperated, to neutral, to just plain angry. This is what really brings the characters to life. For example, we see that Cassie’s expression changes between when she is disinterested and annoyed. When she’s not interested, her expression seems less tight; the lines appear to flow together. However, when she’s annoyed, her expression becomes more angular and involve more diagonals, making it appear tighter. Since the characters have such dynamic appearances, it supports the idea that they have dynamic personalities as well. We know from the writing that they are not restricted to one emotion, and the art really shows readers the truth of that.

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The coloring, done by K. Michael Russell, works very well for HACK/SLASH RESURRECTION #7. However, the most impressive use of coloring is in the instances where the color of the lighting changes. For example, when Cassie goes on her own to look for Pooch, she goes into a darker area where the minimal lighting has more of a blue tint. The use of blue tones in these pages make it so that we can tell she’s in the dark, without using shadowing so heavy that we can’t see her. It also creates an eerie tone. It lets us know that something is wrong. The lighting is strange, so it makes everything feel off. This works well with the fact that there do tend to be surprises within the story. Because of that and the eerie lighting, readers should and do get this eerie sense that something bad will happen.

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Finishing It Off

HACK/SLASH RESURRECTION #7 is an exciting continuation of the series. Tini Howard provides a plot full of surprises, and Cassie Hack’s attitude towards monsters makes the comic a better read as well as tells us what kind of person Hack is. Celor’s use of facial expression in the art makes the characters appear as dynamic as they actually are. K. Michael Russel uses changes in the color of lighting to provide an eerie tone for the issue. Together, all of these aspects make for a great continuation to HACK/SLASH RESURRECTION.

This issue got weird in a good way. This comic has never been quite normal, and I appreciate that. A normal story would have been boring. This issue keeps up that tradition of the abnormal. Plus, Cassie Hack fighting ghosts was definitely fun to see.

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Readers even got to see Cassie trying to fight against sexism for a moment. When she first meets the man that hired Cat Curio, he started flirting with Cassie. When Cassie tells him to stop, he insists that it wasn’t her who said to stop but that it was Vlad. He also calls Vlad her husband and claims that’s he’s stopping the flirting because she has a husband. Cassie immediately corrects him. While he didn’t listen, to see Cassie shutting him down so quickly was very satisfying. Essentially, I’m always happy to read about Cassie Hack. In this issue, I’m still happy to read about her, and I’m left wanting to see even more of her.

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