BECK fans rejoice, as Kodansha Comics has announced that BECK manga author Harold Sakuishi is attending New York Comic Con 2018! Sakuishi will also receive the International Spotlight Award at the convention as part of the 30th Harvey Awards ceremony.

BECK follows Yukio Tanaka, an ordinary 14-year-old boy absolutely bored of life. One day, however, he has a chance encounter with an aspiring guitarist named Ryusuke Minami, who introduces him to the world of rock music. Amazed by what he hears, Tanaka himself is encouraged to take up the guitar and spice up his life. With newfound purpose, Tanaka sets out on an exciting journey to form a band and rise to the top.

Beck anime by Studio Madhouse
Beck anime by Studio Madhouse | Image: Funimation

BECK is a down-to-earth tale about the trials and tribulations of following your passions. The now-iconic series won a Kodansha Manga Award in the shonen category in 2002. It has since then inspired a live-action film and a television anime that captured the hearts of many across the globe. BECK has also spawned 4 soundtracks, a video game, and even a line of guitars!

More than a One-hit Wonder

Harold Sakuishi has also had an illustrious manga career outside of BECK. His first work THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN won the Tetsuya Chiba Excellent Newcomers Award in 1987. He would later go on to pen GORILLAMAN, which won the Kodansha manga award in the general category in 1990. Sakuishi has since serialized numerous manga in Kodansha’s Young Magazine such as BAKAICHI (1995) and STOPPER BUSUJIMA (1996). Both of these are based on his main passions, baseball and fighting respectively.

Seven Shakespeares: Sakuishi's currently running series
Sakuishi’s currently running series, Seven Shakespeares | Image: Kodansha Comics.

Sakuishi is currently writing a manga series called SEVEN SHAKESPEARES, which claims to uncover the truth behind everyone’s favorite English playwright. You can check SEVEN SHAKESPEARES as well as BECK out online on comiXology Originals!

A BECK-oning Opportunity

New York Comic Con this year will run during October 4-7 at the Javits Center. COWBOY BEBOP character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto, mechanical designer Kimitoshi Yamane, and screenwriter Keiko Nobumoto will also be there. Other Japanese guests already announced include DRAGON BALL SUPER: BROLY director Tatsuya Nagamine and voice actress Masako Nozawa.

Kodansha Comics has promised to reveal further details on Harold Sakuishi’s overseas appearance later down the line. You won’t want to miss this rare chance to meet the legendary manga creator!

Will you be attending NYCC this year? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image from ComiXology.

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