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It was recently announced that Ruby Rose will soon be putting on the cowl to play DC’s Batwoman for the CW. Kate Kane hasn’t made many appearances outside of the comics due to her recent creation. This is the first time we’ll see her in a live-action role, and it could be awesome.

DC’s Batwoman will make her debut this December as part of the CW’s big crossover special that will link up all of the network’s superhero shows. It’s uncertain what role Batwoman will have, where she’s coming from, and even what Earth she will call home. However, after her first appearance, a new series will follow suit. The CW’s plan is to introduce her this year and begin preparing for her own series starting late 2019.

This is similar to how the cast of LEGENDS OF TOMORROW received their own show by making appearances in ARROW and THE FLASH, so it makes sense to do the same for Batwoman. Ruby Rose will be playing Kate Kane in the series as well, and it looks to be a great casting decision. Though there are a few things we still need to ask and discuss when it comes to Batwoman that the CW needs to address.

DC’s Batwoman Politics Are Dividing People Already

When there was confirmation that the CW would be adding Batwoman to its cast of characters, the internet went crazy. Many reactions were positive, but some were negative. The reason is likely due to how most of the lead headlines looked. A vast majority focus on the fact that a lesbian woman would be playing an openly gay character. People absolutely lost it, either out of rage or joy.

Why are people so up in arms about it? The “new” inclusion of politics in pop culture upset a lot of fans. You’ve heard about all the ridiculous complaints about football players kneeling during the national anthem? The same type of anger can be seen here, yet it’s coming from various groups… even those in the LGBTQ community.

While SUPERGIRL has been fairly political already, for some the biggest political issue is that the CW is trying to incorporate homosexual superheroes and changing characters from the comics just to fit a narrative. They believe the CW changed Batwoman to benefit their liberal agenda, which isn’t true at all. The character is gay, and this is a fact. LGBTQ groups, however, are upset that Ruby Rose is not “gay enough.” Something which Rose herself questions the very idea of.

Batgirl & Batwoman Aren’t The Same Characters

DC's Batwoman vs DC's Batgirl
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The CW is actually giving fans a beloved superhero and icon for the LGBTQ comic reading community. Putting her in a more mainstream outlet only makes sense; it’s not out of political need, but simply business.

One of the most common mistakes people make about DC’s Batwoman is that they’ve been confusing her to DC’s Batgirl. Several young women have taken the Batgirl moniker, but the most prominent one is Barbara Gordon. DC writers normally portray her as a straight character, so we can all assume that’ll remain.

Batwoman, however, is openly gay in the comics. There was a Batwoman decades ago who was presumably straight, but her name was Kathy Kane. DC chose to create Kathy specifically as a love interest for Batman. This is an old-school version of the character that DC eventually killed off. Kate Kane made her debut in 2006 and is the current version of the character. After Batman saves her life, she decides to adopt a similar persona and fight crime in Gotham City.

Why The CW Is Adding DC’s Batwoman

DC's Batwoman could fit into the Arrowverse well
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Batwoman utilizes military tactics and occasionally firearms when battling evil. She definitely differs from the majority of the Bat-Family, which obviously makes her intriguing. While people see the connections between the old-school Batwoman and the present day version, DC has tried their best to make them distinct characters.

Warner Bros. owns the CW and therefore can — with permission — use just about any hero they want from the DCU. The movies are able to use heroes and villains who are already on television. 

DC’s Batwoman is one of the most notable lesbian superheroes in the comic book world and adding her to the CW can do a lot of good. Do executives at Warner Bros. sincerely want to add a gay superhero over other major characters? Probably not. It’s likely they just realize now’s the best time to seize the opportunity. They have already seen the success of a bisexual Sarah Lance, and are going to see a lot of fans go toward a new BATWOMAN show that may have never seen the others.

The Reason The CW Chose Batwoman Over Others

DC's Batwoman
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Due to what many deem a “gentlemen’s agreement” with FOX, GOTHAM is the only show that can use Bat-Family members on television. This is similar to a deal made with Disney and FOX to use either Quicksilver or Scarlet Witch, rather than both. Which is why we see Disney kill off Quicksilver and FOX basically never uses a grown Scarlet Witch at all. The CW can use a Bat-Family member, but they have chosen not to out of respect for GOTHAM. However, it’s in its last season now.

Batman is clearly someone we won’t be seeing on the CW anytime soon, at least according to CW President Mark Pedowitz. Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and likely a few other members will be a part of DC’s TITANS. This show will premiere on their new streaming service later this year, in addition to the return of YOUNG JUSTICE for season 3.

So TITANS will definitely include a few members of the Bat-Family. One of the few prominent members we’ve yet to see in live-action is DC’s Batwoman, which is why she’s headed to the CW. However, we may need to ask a few questions regarding who we will see on her own show.

What Earth Will DC’s Batwoman Will Be On?

DC's Batwoman possible Earth
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While the script for BATWOMAN probably isn’t ready yet, they will start filming for the show next year. Ruby Rose, as the star of the show, already has a lot on her table. She’s currently preparing to return for the third JOHN WICK installment after a memorable performance in the second movie. After that, she’ll start working on BATWOMAN.

Though, before that can happen, she’ll obviously appear in the CW’s upcoming crossover special first. The real question is how the series is going to work, given how the current Arrowverse is laid out. While Bruce Wayne exists on Earth One, we’ve never seen the Dark Knight himself. Meanwhile, on Supergirl’s Earth, there are several references to Batman’s existence. So we have to wonder, which world will Batwoman be part of?

Earth One Seems To Be The Best Choice

DC's Batwoman could use Huntress
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Multiple characters that fit within the Batwoman world are part of Earth-1 already. The first and most prominent would be Huntress, who was a recurring character at one point on ARROW. It could make sense to create a newer version of this character on another world, considering Flashpoint did change up a few important things.

It could very well be that Huntress is not inside the current Arrowverse at all. Due to her not being present since then, it’s possible to use that as an excuse. However, Helena has not been seen since she went off to prison. She has since found her way out, and a return to the same place would not be hard to do. If they use the Helena we know from beforehand, she very well could be the connecting tool that links us to Team Arrow. Producers already want to bring her back, so this would not be difficult.

It is possible to add Batwoman to another Earth altogether. This has been the case for Black Lightning and Supergirl, so it seems unlikely they’d want to do the same thing again. The Ray is on a far-off Earth as well, and all this separation is a huge problem creatively. A new series is a perfect opportunity for establishing stronger connections.

The Bat-Family Dilemma

DC's Batwoman
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We are not sure if DC’s streaming universe will connect to the Arrowverse. We also have no clue if Dick Grayson or Jason Todd will make their way over to the BATWOMAN show from wherever TITANS is taking place. This means we can’t be sure if either will appear on the CW’s Arrowverse shows.

While Tim Drake and Barbara Gordon are not confirmed for either show, one or the other are likely to show up for the BATWOMAN series. Keep in mind, this Batwoman came after most of the other major Bat-Family members. She made her first appearance in 2006, while almost everyone else was already around by then. That said, not having them would be a crime to her character and the series.

The Origin Problem For Batwoman

DC's Batwoman
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Batman definitely has to be part of the series at some point. Why? He’s the entire reason there is a Batwoman! Kate Kane’s origin is pretty well-known. After the U.S. Military kicked her out due to the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, she tries to drown her sorrows in booze and sex. During one of these escapades, she’s attacked by a group of robbers. Batman saves her life, which results in Kate deciding to become a vigilante.

The origin can be tweaked, sure. However, it’s such a memorable story that changing it is a simple disservice to her character. They must stick with the comic book origin, where they can still play around with all the other elements of Batman’s world. Other characters from the Bat-Family need to be around, as they help make Kate Kane’s stories all the better.

Closing Thoughts

DC’s Batwoman is clearly one of the most amazing and notable superheroes created in recent years. So many are happy to finally get a chance to see Batwoman in person. However, based on some of the negative reactions, there’s clearly a lot mainstream audiences don’t know about her. 

We also need to see characters like Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon, Helena Bertinelli, Renee Montoya, and others from characters from her life to join the show at some point. The ultimate thing we have to keep in mind is that a major lesbian superhero is getting her own show. It is clearly a time to rejoice.

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