DC Comics just released a sneak peek into the epic new issue of DC Rebirth’s BATWOMAN. The character made her first appearance in 1956’s DETECTIVE COMICS #233. Since, she has established a strong following, not only as an ally of Batman but as a formidable leader in her own right. Batwoman played a significant role in combatting the occupancy of Gotham City by killer orderlies. Kate Kane’s narrative in the current timeline now intertwines with secrets of her own past. In BATWOMAN #8, Kate launches an investigation into a mysterious disease. This disease once wrecked havoc the island of Coryana.

Coryana has been a significant setting throughout the series. It serves as a haven for Kane’s growth into her heroic identity. Kate’s time on the island resulted in meaningful relationships as well as broken alliances. These consequences are ultimately ones that bled into the present as Batwoman finds herself combatting these forces of the past.

According to an official synopsis from DC Comics, BATWOMAN #8 will feature:

“Fear and Loathing” part two! Stranded together in the Sahara, Batwoman could only count on her mutual-survival pact with her father to hold for so long…so it’s not exactly a surprise when he turns on her! But it IS a surprise just what villain from Batwoman’s past has been keeping an eye on them both: Prime!

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In addition to the synopsis, and by the looks of the preview below, it appears as though notorious villain Jonathan Crane also known as Scarecrow is up to no good.He might even be involved with the epidemic on Coryana! What are Crane’s intentions? Why do they tie into Batwoman’s past on Coryana? We’ll just have to wait and see!

BATWOMAN #8 Image Gallery

Can’t wait until October 18th? Check out ComicsVerse’s exclusive preview, below!

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