BATWOMAN #18 Featured Variant

Now back in Gotham, it did not take long for Batwoman to end up teaming up with Detective — and her ex — Renee Montoya. BATWOMAN #18 puts the two up against Clock King and their own lingering feelings for each other. However, before they dive into the latter, they must get Clock King’s new drug off the streets.




On Sale: August 15, 2018

Written by Marguerite Bennett

Art by Fernando Blanco

Cover by Dan Panosian

Variant Cover by Michael Cho


Long at the mercy of the Bat family, Gotham’s workaday criminals have gotten a new advantage thanks to Clown King’s new illicit substance. They take it prior to committing the crime and are able to see if they will succeed, all without leaving the home.

It gets stickier though as Kate herself begins to contemplate what the drug might do for her. If she used it, wouldn’t stopping crime be a snap? Sure, it is an illegal substance, but can she afford NOT to use it?

Then, there is the matter of those lingering feelings. Might this be an opportunity for Kane and Montoya to get it right this time? Do either or both of them want to give it a shot? Can they have happiness without one another? Or is Kate still too scared after witnessing another lover’s betrayal? With this being the final issue of the BATWOMAN series, the clock is ticking (haHA!) on them making a choice.

Can’t wait, can you? Didn’t think so. We may not have Clock King’s drug here at ComicsVerse, but we will give you the next best thing: an exclusive preview now! Be the first to get a taste before next week’s time shattering final issue!

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What to Expect From BATWOMAN #18

After shutting down her sister Alice’s campaign of terror back in issue #16, BATWOMAN #17 brought Kate Kane back to Gotham. While Batman remained angry at Kane’s handling of the case, he nonetheless puts her back on the beat right away. Her team’s new task is investigating Gotham’s many cold cases.

Despite its size, though, Gotham has a way of putting you in the path of the people you are least ready to see. For Batwoman, that’s Renee Montoya. Thus, of course, the two reunite over the need to punch robots in the face over and over.

Montoya reveals that the robots exist, in large part, due to a drug called Kairos. With it, the user can see the future and avoid mistakes to become the perfect crook. When Renee and Kate team up though, is perfect even enough?

Which Devious Time Watcher Is Behind It All?

As #17 ends we see the mastermind behind it all. The Scourge of Seconds. The Maestro of Minutes. The Clock King. Without preamble, he decides how best to ensure Kairos maintains its reputation in the face of Gotham’s newly returned Batwoman. He’s going to kill her. With #18 marking the end of the series, this dastardly wielder of power hours might very well do just that!

Writer Marguerite Bennett, artist Fernando Blanco, Letterer Deron Bennett, and colorist John Rauch bring you the thrilling climax of the Batwoman series, BATWOMAN #18. Cover artist Dan Panosian and variant cover artist Michael Cho wrap it up in a nice proverbial bow.

After you enjoy this exclusive preview, make sure to be at stores on August 15 when BATWOMAN #18 pendulums its way onto shelves.

BATWOMAN #18 Cover
BATWOMAN #18 Cover (Courtesy of DC Entertainment)
BATWOMAN #18 Variant Cover
BATWOMAN #18 Variant Cover (Courtesy of DC Entertainment)
BATWOMAN #18 Page 1
BATWOMAN #18 Page 1 (Courtesy of DC Entertainment)
BATWOMAN #18 Page 2
BATWOMAN #18 Page 2 (Courtesy of DC Entertainment)
BATWOMAN #18 Page 3
BATWOMAN #18 Page 3 (Courtesy of DC Entertainment)
BATWOMAN #18 Page 4
BATWOMAN #18 Page 4 (Courtesy of DC Entertainment)
BATWOMAN #18 Page 5
BATWOMAN #18 Page 5 (Courtesy of DC Entertainment)

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