DC Entertainment has graciously given ComicsVerse an exclusive sneak peek at BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #3! So in this Elseworld tale, the Joker has been cured of his insanity after being brutalized and drugged by Batman. The Dark Knight has fallen off the deep end due to the death of the second Robin and his butler Alfred’s declining health.

So Batman has become a feared entity to both Gotham’s criminals and ordinary citizens. From destroying property to ignoring the safety of innocent civilians, belief in the vigilante is at an all-time low. So the former Clown Prince of Crime, Jack Napier, is stoking the public’s concerns and turning them against Batman. Jack’s first step in bringing the reckless superhero down? He’ll be taking the Gotham City Police Department to court for decades of condoning vigilantism.

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Initially, Jack’s reformation seemed genuine; he even went so far as to apologize to his partner in crime, Harley Quinn, for taking advantage of her affection. To everyone’s surprise, the girl he’s been working with for years was a pretender! The real Harley, who left the Joker due to his obsession with Batman, has returned to help Jack save Gotham.

However, Jack’s ethics become questionable by using the Mad Hatter’s technology to mind control the other Gotham supervillains! Meanwhile, Bruce has teamed up with Mr. Freeze to find a cure for Alfred’s condition, yet their efforts are met with failure. So the Dark Knight and Gotham’s new White Knight seem fated for a confrontation, just not the kind we’re used to.

So in the preview below, the imitation Harley seems to be planning to win the Joker back violently. Meanwhile, Jack has unleashed his army of supervillains on Gotham. Batman and his family lead the criminals away from civilians, while Commissioner Gordan argues with his team about whether or not to aid the vigilante. To Batgirl’s dismay, Bruce’s choice of a battleground is the library being built by Jack, which the neighborhood desperately needs! The struggle for the heart and soul of Gotham will seemingly determine which of these two men is the hero, and which is the villain.

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So will Batman be able to beat Jack’s machinations and return to the compassionate vigilante we all know and love? The only way to find out is to be sure to pick up a copy of BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #3 soon!

BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #3 hits shelves December 6th. Until then, check out ComicsVerse’s exclusive preview below!

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