BATMAN BEYOND #18 by Dan Jurgens, Ande Park, and Phil Hester draws Neo-Gotham into a gripping battle between Batman and Payback. As the final part of the epic “Long Payback” arc, we will see whether Payback will succeed in his vengeance against Terry.

With Kenny Stanton AKA Payback, a brutal vigilante hellbent on revenge, revealed as the villain pulling the strings behind the hunter Stalker, Batman is stretched thin protecting those he loves while also saving his city in this issue. In the opening pages of this issue, Payback captures Melanie Walker AKA Ten. Ten is the daughter of King and Queen, the heads of the criminal Royal Flush Gang. However, due to Terry’s inspiration, Ten has been trying to reform herself. For instance, she saved Terry in the last issue. However, she may pay the price for her heroics by dying for her connection to Terry.

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Kenny Stanton was just a boy when he became Payback. He went on a killing spree to gain attention from his psychiatrist father. Batman foiled his plans repeatedly. Now Kenny wants vengeance and to prove that he is the superior vigilante. That is why he has kidnapped Ten and cornered Batman. Will Kenny force Terry to surrender to save Ten?

Perhaps Terry will have to find some assistance in BATMAN BEYOND #18. We already read in its first pages that Terry forms a truce with the Stalker. There is a quiet honor to the rogue. Maybe this will make Stalker an ally of Batman then maybe together they can take down Payback.

More likely Matt McGinnis, Terry’s brother, will have to break out the Robin suit to save his brother. It looks like, from the cover by Bernard Chang, that Matt will wear Damian’s old Robin suit to save his brother. Will we see a return of the Dynamic Duo in BATMAN #18?

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