BATMAN BEYOND: REBIRTH #1 by Dan Jurgens and Bernard Chang
BATMAN BEYOND: REBIRTH #1 is an exciting start to an undercover battle. The comic shows off amazing artwork and great characterization, and allows readers to crave the next issue.
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Terry is back!

Terry McGinnis finally returns as Batman of the future in BATMAN BEYOND #1. This comic, written by Dan Jurgens with art by Bernard Chang, is an interesting start to another DC Rebirth series. BATMAN BEYOND has taken an exciting path in its first issue by hinting at Joker’s apparent resurrection. This series looks like it will continue the trend of fantastic DC Rebirth books.

First, here’s a little reminder of who Terry McGinnis is. Terry first made an appearance in the pilot episode of the animated television series Batman Beyond (1999-2001). Twenty years after Batman had last been seen, Terry spends his days running from the Jokerz, a gang dedicated to glorifying and mimicking the long vanished Joker. He returns home one day to find his father dead, murdered by the Jokerz. He eventually starts to learn from Bruce Wayne so he can avenge his father’s death. Terry is known as the Batman of the future, taking over the name while Bruce Wayne rests in retirement. When DC relaunched all of their titles with the New 52, the BATMAN BEYOND series featured Tim Drake as the titular character. So this comic marks the return of Terry to his most iconic role!

Ok, back to the comic. Jokerz Town is awesome. Yes, I’m one of those crazed Batman fans that also loves the Joker. Because of that, I know I’m going to obsess over this storyline. An entire town has developed in honor of the Joker, and every member of the town has been causing havoc and performing Joker-esque criminal acts. I mean, Batman hasn’t even been absent that long and an evil town has already surfaced. When the Joker appears in Batman movies, shows, or comics, I get excited. He’s one of the most well-rounded villains in the Batman series, in my opinion. He’s utterly insane and is totally okay with that. The fact that there is a town devoted to the Joker, composed entirely of Jokerz, is incredible and gives off a creepy vibe. Wouldn’t you freak out if you walked into a town full of crazed, painted brawlers?

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Calling All Batman Lovers: This Isn't a 'Joke'

The Jokerz are attempting to revive the original Clown Prince of Crime and also manage to kidnap Dana, Terry’s girlfriend. When Matt, Terry’s younger brother, is unable to get in touch with the Batman of the future, he realizes his sibling is in some serious trouble. Terry, in his red and black Batman suit, eventually finds a way back on his feet and prepares to finish his fight with a member of Jokerz Town. The fistfight between Terry and a venom-fueled Joker wannabe is action-packed, as well as realistic. After the fight, Terry makes it back to his Batcave where he meets his brother and confesses that the Jokerz fight is one that he can’t win. This simply isn’t a job for a Batman, it’s a job for a Joker.

Without giving much away, the fight scene between Terry and crazy Joker wannabe is exciting and action-packed. Each punch from the wannabe looked like it hurt coming from those enormous muscles. Just as I thought the fight was over and Terry won, he gets taken over by a crowd of Jokerz. That page appears to be the creepiest with a bunch of painted clowns holding weapons yelling, “slice ‘im.”

Calling All Batman Lovers: This Isn't a 'Joke'

Along with the riveting storyline, Chang’s artwork is practically flawless. The detail throughout the entire book is astounding. I can literally see Terry’s veins popping out along his muscles, the wrinkles throughout the clothing and the different shades of color to allow a shiny effect or a dark effect. The expressions on every character’s face conveys their emotion as if they are real-life photos of them, and Batman’s lair is depicted exactly how you’d picture it: a dark cavern filled with advanced technology.

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BATMAN BEYOND #1 starts off as a wild story and will get you excited for the rest of the series. DC fans get to experience a younger Batman with a different personality (his personality reminded me a bit of young Spidey). Batman of the future realizes that he cannot mimic Bruce Wayne because he doesn’t have as much experience under his utility belt. What Terry does have is a shocking plan that will get you stoked for this new storyline: going undercover as one of his enemies, a Joker, to get the job done. If you can’t beat them, pretend to join them!

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