The Dark Knight’s world has been turned upside down since the events of BATMAN #50, something we have been reminded of time and time again. Interestingly though, some of Tom King’s latest developments in the series seemed to deviate from those events, embarking on a new, dark tale. However, BATMAN #62 brings us right back into the repercussions of the wedding that never came to be. BATMAN #62 is undoubtedly a captivating read thanks to the art of the incredibly Mitch Gerards. However, its centralization on Batman’s current state of loneliness as a result of the wedding is a theme that has become aggravatingly repetitive.

batman #62
BATMAN #62 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Sleep No More

The opening of BATMAN #62 pulls us into an entrapped Batman, being tortured by none other than Professor Pyg. This opening sequence is unexpectedly jarring as we fall into Batman’s introspection. He immediately ponders his escape in a methodical method. He goes over each and every option, each and every possible action and reaction. This aspect of BATMAN #62 is by far my favorite. I love the way King exemplifies Batman’s thoughts into words across each and every panel. We come to understand how Batman survives.

If he skims over one possibility in any situation, he fails. However, the way that narration culminates is one of the more disappointing elements of the issue. Upon the end of BATMAN #62, we come to discover Robin was behind Professor Pyg’s mask and that everything Batman had been experiencing was a result of a dream.

So, though BATMAN #62 has some engaging moments, one cannot help but wonder what the ultimate point of it was upon its conclusion. Once again, Flashpoint Batman’s sudden appearance at the end of BATMAN #60 remains unexplained, and Batman attributes his current, dark state to his failed matrimony. This constant revisitation of BATMAN #50 has grown taxing, particularly when new directions have been introduced recently. So, I hope upcoming issues get back on track.

batman #62
BATMAN #62 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Many Hues of BATMAN #62

As aforementioned, Mitch Gerards’ art is perfect for the dream-state of BATMAN #62. His art parallels the chaos of Batman’s entrapment, felt in the anarchy of the colors and the blurred lines within the panels. We feel the cacophony of his thoughts, the pandemonium of Professor Pyg’s torture. Thus, Gerards truly depicts a dynamic issue that establishes a horror-like tone. Upon beginning BATMAN #62, we get a sense that something terribly disturbing is lurking beneath the surface, which makes the reveal of Professor Pyg torturing Batman even more horrifying.

We sensed the presence of something uncertain, something intimidating. Yet, the reveal is still frightening. Finally, I enjoy the dominance of red hues throughout the issue. It cultivates an unsettling vibe to the work. Additionally, it maintains psychedelic tones that elevate the dream setting of the issue’s plot. So, overall, Mitch Gerards’ artwork comes together flawlessly. It tells a story, a terrifying one, one that pulls us into a vivid nightmare. Therefore, though most of BATMAN #62 falls into the disappointing side, its artwork is something worth admiring.

What Lies Beyond

The last few issues in BATMAN have been of an oscillating nature. The story of the series as of late has wavered between compelling new beginnings and ambiguous developments that do not necessarily fit into the overarching narrative King has set in place. Thus, an issue like BATMAN #62 suffers from a case of faulty timing. The conflict regarding Bane seemed to be going into a progressive direction a few issues ago.

Now, I’m not so sure. This issue, in addition to its predecessor, presents contrasting stories that struggle to contribute to the series’ current arc in addition to standing on their own as solid works. So, I hope upcoming issues bring more cohesion to the series. Obviously, BATMAN #50 had a grand impact on Batman himself. However, the constant acknowledgment of Batman’s glum as a result of the events of the issue has gotten aggravating. I want to continue witnessing Batman embark on new directions, ones that will give his character more to work with.

BATMAN #62 by Tom King & Mitch Gerards
BATMAN #62's artwork is absolutely mesmerizing. However, its story leaves much to be desired.
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