Bane is on a mission, a mission with solely one objective: destroying every aspect of the Dark Knight from within. Serving him on that mission is none other than Oswald Cobblepot, the Penguin. In the last issue, it was revealed that Penguin had lost everything he held dear. He is a man with nothing to lose. In BATMAN #59, we come to see how far he is willing to go when he has nothing left to live for.

BATMAN #59 brings everything the Dark Knight has been experiencing since the events of BATMAN #50 and #55 to the surface and beyond. In a way, he and Penguin share more in common than one would expect. They are both men who have lost more than they can fathom. They are both men with nothing left to lose, and they are both men on the brink of collapse.

batman #59
BATMAN #59 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Coronation

BATMAN #59 commences with Batman and Penguin engaging in a bit of a chat. The Penguin affirms that Bane has taken over Gotham City. He affirms that Bane is ultimately responsible for orchestrating an abundance of recently occurring crimes from the assassination attempt on Dick Grayson to the murders from the “Cold Days” arc.

The Penguin states that he is revealing all of this information to Batman because he has nothing to live for since Bane murdered his wife, Penny. So Batman takes matters into his own hands. He pays a visit to Arkham and beats Bane to a pulp. In the midst of his beating, Commissioner Gordon intervenes, stating that there is no way Bane can be responsible for anything since he has been in a catatonic state. Additionally, guards have been monitoring his every move.

There is no possible way he has been meeting with the criminal underworld to orchestrate anything. Batman vows Bane is putting up an act, and in the midst of his rage, hits Gordon in the face. Gordon proceeds to tell Batman to leave Arkham and that he is done with him as he is no different from the rest of the villains they have put away together.

batman #59
BATMAN #59 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

A Master Plan

With the divide between Gordon and Batman growing in addition to Bane’s smile upon the conclusion of this issue, it appears as though Bane’s plan is truly coming together. Now, though, Batman is not so sure that Bane truly is the mastermind of this series. Of course, that may be exactly what Bane wants.

He wants to weaken the World’s Greatest Detective, rendering him self-conscious in the abilities that have made him the Dark Knight. Additionally, he wants to isolate him more than he has ever been before. Thus Batman truly is on the brink of collapse, and even though we do not want to see our titular hero lose, we cannot help but sit and stare.

batman #59
BATMAN #59 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Many Hues of BATMAN #59

As per usual, Francesco Mattina’s variant cover artwork is absolutely magnificent. The lightning bolt in the center of the image reminds me of the cover of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. Whether or not that callback is intentional is currently unknown. It is nice to see that familiar image in a new Batman story.

Additionally, the depiction of Bane looming large over Batman resonates greatly when you consider the state of the series’ narrative. Batman is losing the fight against Bane, and Bane is only getting stronger. With regard to the artwork of BATMAN #59 as a whole, Mikel Janín thrives. In conjunction with Jordie Bellaire’s colors, the issue is truly electric. So no matter your opinion on the narrative, you must agree that each and every panel exudes greatness.

What Lies Beyond

Gotham City is a war zone, and though Batman has always been the city’s guardian, he no longer knows if he is fit for the job. The recent “Cold Days” arc depicted our titular hero doubting himself in the face of evil. Now, Bane has only pushed Batman further into the unknown. Now, the Dark Knight is more lost than ever, losing a battle he is not so sure is even taking place.

BATMAN #59 by Tom King, Mikel Janín, Jordie Bellaire, & Clayton Cowles
BATMAN #59 is an electrifying crime thriller that will have your blood pumping up until the very end.
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