The final installment of “The Gift” arc is here in BATMAN #47 as Booster Gold attempts to rectify perhaps the greatest mistake he has ever made!

From writer Tom King and artist Tony S. Daniel, the story began when Gold wanted to give Bruce Wayne the ultimate wedding gift: going back in time, retrieving Bruce’s parents before their deaths, and bringing them to their son’s wedding. Unfortunately, nothing went according to plan, and now, more blood has spilled.

As a result, the final stage has been set. Now, Booster Gold must rectify his mistakes and restore the original reality in which Bruce Wayne became the Batman he was always destined to become.

The question is though, how much more blood has to be spilled to make that reality possible once more?

batman #47
BATMAN #47 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

One Year Later

BATMAN #47 kicks off approximately a year after the events of the previous issue. To recap, Booster Gold attempted to restore the original timeline by having Bruce and Catwoman meet and fall in love. Unexpectedly though, Catwoman went on a killing rampage and slaughtered pretty much everyone close to Bruce including his parents.

So, with a year having passed, Bruce decides to use Booster Gold to go back in time and kill both Batman and Catwoman. Booster Gold claims he will, but the two end up traveling to a different, pivotal moment: the original time of the murders of Bruce Wayne’s parents.

Through this, the alternate Bruce Wayne watches a younger version of himself witness the deaths of his parents. So, disturbed and filled with anguish, the alternate Bruce Wayne kills himself.

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Following this, the issue segues into the original timeline in which Booster Gold recounts his tale to the original Batman and Catwoman, restating that he only wanted to give them a wedding gift.

Ultimately, it is not hard to guess the sequence of events of BATMAN #47. As a result, the work proves to be incredibly predictable. Additionally, it exemplifies the idea that this arc had its potential but failed to immerse readers into the alternate reality it presents.

Many of the seemingly major players, such as the Dick Grayson-Batman, fail to leave an impact on the arc.

Thus, it would have been nice if the arc had extended over more issues just to get a better feel of this alternate world. Unfortunately, though, this arc lasts only three issues. So, the story, and its subsequent conclusion, ultimately leaves readers with a story that feels much like filler.

batman #47
BATMAN #47 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Many Hues of BATMAN #47

Unfortunately, Daniel’s artwork throughout this arc has been underwhelming. There have been some moments of excitement, specifically the reveal of Dick Grayson’s Batman. However, in this particular issue, not many artistic moments stand out.

Prior to reading, I expected the climactic sequence involving the revisiting of Bruce’s parents’ death to be more poignant. Yet, that sequence’s tone falls flat as does the depth of the illustrations. Overall, the sequence, and overarching issue feels one-dimensional.

There is also an overlying inconsistency in the tone of BATMAN #47, one that wavers between light and dark without assurance.

Now, one can argue that the final pages of the issue exemplify its best imagery. The blood spatter across Booster Gold’s face as he witnesses Bruce Wayne’s suicide is particularly disturbing. It calls into question how Gold will be altered in future issues by the events of “The Gift.” Additionally, the final page suggests that his experiences may isolate him from the person he once was.

Of course, that is a development we will not discover quite so soon.

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What Lies Beyond

The storyline of “The Gift” has been a subject of controversy amongst readers and critics. Some believe the storyline pulls off a risky narrative in a few issues. Others believe it is an unnecessary arc that misrepresents Booster Gold’s character.

Overall, the arc has its moments, but it just fails to leave a lasting impact on readers.

BATMAN #47 by Tom King & Tony S. Daniel
BATMAN #47 ties up the unique narrative of "The Gift," but it does so in such a predictable manner that the conclusion is ultimately unsatisfying.
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