After months and months of anticipation, the wedding of the century is finally within reach in BATMAN #45! However, perhaps unsurprisingly, an event of that nature will not take place with ease. Before that big day, though, Batman and Catwoman have some matters to take care of.

In BATMAN #45, writer Tom King and artist Tony S. Daniel present an unexpected, shocking tale through the eyes of Booster Gold. That’s right! Booster Gold takes the reigns of the narrative as he finds himself in the midst of a time-sensitive conflict involving the Bat and the Cat.

So, how does this introduction to a new, crazy story fare?

Well, find out, right here!

batman #45
BATMAN #45. Page 3. Image courtesy of DC Comics.

The One Where Booster Gold Goes Too Far

BATMAN #45 opens with a particularly shocking scene. Green Lantern commits suicide using his own power ring! Upon reading this segment, a multitude of questions began running through my mind. Specifically, I kept wondering, what universe are we in right now?

The issue then segues into the perspective of Booster Gold himself. He is desperately trying to find Batman for a reason that has yet to be revealed. He eventually finds a Batman, but the man behind the mask is not Bruce Wayne. Rather, the man is actually Dick Grayson.

So, what exactly is this world?

Well, when Booster Gold finally finds Bruce Wayne, he reveals all.

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With the impending wedding, Gold felt pressured to give Bruce the ultimate wedding present. So, he decided to go a little above and beyond by going back in time and saving Bruce’s parents so that they could attend their son’s wedding. In the process though, things drastically changed and the world is now unrecognizable to Gold.

So, overall, BATMAN #45 is an intriguing introduction to a potentially crazy storyline. However, the issue does take its time in revealing the overarching conflict. As a result, it is easy to get lost in the chaos of the work’s exposition as it attempts to establish this strange new world.

Again, though, the work is definitely engaging. So, it will be interesting to see where this arc goes.

The Many Hues of BATMAN #45

Firstly, the cover of this work from Tony S. Daniel is absolutely impeccable! The image of Batman looming over Gotham City is both captivating and slightly intimidating. However, the overall tone and consistency of the issue’s imagery felt off. BATMAN #45 wavers between light and dark hues, which makes for a conflicting flow in regard to the overall narrative.

batman #45
BATMAN #45. Page 5. Image courtesy of DC Comics.

Now, the depiction of the “Dick Grayson Batman” is definitely this issue’s artistic standout. Daniel showcases exceptional detail in the Grayson Batman’s design, establishing quite the memorable moment in BATMAN #45. Unfortunately, though, various flaws overshadow these moments of excellence.

The majority of the issue lacks sharpness in its imagery. Specific, detailed character depictions like the Grayson Batman are awkwardly juxtaposed by one-dimensional backgrounds. Additionally, many of the action sequences appear turbulent in nature. As a result, it is easy to get sidetracked throughout the story.

Overall though, BATMAN #45 has its moments. So, it will be interesting to see where the artwork goes in relation to the narrative.


What Lies Beyond

BATMAN #45 is definitely an interesting installment. It has some interesting twists and turns that will certainly keep your interest. The issue’s conclusion will also leave you anticipating what’s ahead for Booster Gold as well as this “new world’s” version of Batman.

However, in order for this arc to be a cohesive one, there are many aspects that need to be fleshed out appropriately. Sure, this is an introductory issue, but it brings many plot elements to the table that end up feeling overwhelming.

So, hopefully, the upcoming issue in this series will reveal more and give more context. Additionally, I hope that Batman and Catwoman’s impending wedding will take place in the appropriate timeline.

BATMAN #45 by Tom King and Tony S. Daniel
BATMAN #45 is definitely an interesting kick off to a new arc, but it moves a little too slowly to be wholly satisfying.
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