So ComicsVerse has an exclusive preview for BATMAN #43, hitting a shelf near you on March 21st! From notable writer Tom King and acclaimed artists Mikel Janin and Hugo Petrus, BATMAN #43 brings the battle between Poison Ivy and Batman to a head.

Previously in the series, Ivy captured Batman and his fiancé Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman. During this time, Ivy gave quite the speech about how she’s striving for redemption. So she ultimately wishes to rescind her past mistakes for a better future.

The question is though, is Poison Ivy telling the truth?

Feel Completely Unnerved With BATMAN #42

Now, Batman and Poison Ivy have had quite the history in the comic book medium. The notorious villain made her debut in DC’s pages in June of 1966. Since her introduction in BATMAN #181, she has served as one of Batman’s most challenging opponents, a characteristic that continues to prove true today.

So in the preview pages for BATMAN #43, available below, we get a first-hand look at the tension within Poison Ivy herself. We witness her engage in a conversation with Selina. Ivy discusses Catwoman’s decision to stay neutral during the War of Jokes and Riddles. Poison Ivy then segues the conversation into her own personal journey during the war as she reflects on her own alliance with the Riddler.

So it will be fascinating to witness how King alters Ivy’s characterization in BATMAN #43. It will also be interesting to see what exactly Batman is planning to do about his current predicament. Based on the preview below, the narrative has an engaging start that’s supported by the beautiful imagery of Janin and Petrus. Additionally, colorist June Chung implements some gorgeous hues in these introductory pages, enlivening the work itself.

So, can’t wait until March 21st to get your Batman fix? Well, just check out ComicsVerse’s exclusive preview, right here!

BATMAN #43 Exclusive Preview

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