False Face has been rampaging Neo-Gotham for too long. How can Terry McGinnis manage to beat him? Well, with the help of a fast friend, I’m sure he can make it. BATMAN BEYOND #36 is the conclusion to “Lost Daze” we are looking forward to!

Dan Jurgens has picked up the pace of the story, giving us the action we all crave. Paired with Rick Leonardi and Ande Parks beautiful art, this story is quickly grabbing our attention. The comics plays on the old animated BATMAN BEYOND series, giving readers both new and old to the story of McGinnis we all love. ComicsVerse was lucky enough to get a preview for BATMAN BEYOND #36, and it’s awfully exciting!


Batman Beyond #36


Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Rick Leonardi & Ande Parks
Colored by Chris Sotomayor
Cover by Chris Samnee

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All images courtesy of DC Comics.


Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond #36 page 1

Batman Beyond #36 page 2

Batman Beyond #36 page 3

Batman Beyond #36 page 4

Batman Beyond #36 page 5

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