DC Comics has given ComicsVerse an exclusive look at BATGIRL #16! So far, the BATGIRL series has succeeded in providing readers with bouts of thrills and nostalgia. In the last issue, Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson engaged in a journey to the past as they investigated the possible involvement of Ainsley Wells, Barbara’s former high school teacher, in a villainous plot. Their investigation pushed them into a confrontation with notable villain, The Mad Hatter. To their surprise though, the eccentric foe turned out to only be a player in the greater game.

Additionally, there has been undeniable tension between Batgirl and Nightwing throughout their time working together. Because of this, recent entries of BATGIRL have been quite popular amongst Dick and Barbara shippers. So, will the two find themselves confronting their feelings for each other? Perhaps the next issue will have the answer.

In BATGIRL #16, the “Summer of Lies” story arc continues! In the upcoming entry, Batgirl and Nightwing find themselves facing an unprecedented challenge. The mysterious Red Queen has her traps laid out and ready for our heroic duo! The question is, will they prevail?

BATGIRL #14 Review: Summer of Lies

The preview below features a nostalgic flashback into the early years of Batgirl and Robin’s crimefighting career. Here, the two find themselves in the midst of an investigation into a new, deadly drug known as EMJ as well as Wells’ potential involvement in the drug’s production. The artwork of this preview features bold colors and an amazing vibrancy by the hands of artists Chris Wildgoose and Mat Lopes, which embodies the nostalgic element brought on by Hope Larson’s flashbacks. With this, Larson’s narrative has certainly been engaging and entertaining thus far. BATGIRL #16 seems no different.

Can’t wait until October 25th? Check out ComicsVerse’s exclusive preview, below!

BATGIRL #16 Exclusive Preview Image Gallery


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