BANG DREAM is a multimedia franchise revolving around girl bands. Although most famous for its live-action concerts featuring the voice actresses of its characters, it has several other branches as well. These include radio broadcasts, a manga series, an anime series, and, as of last spring, a mobile rhythm game.

Mobile rhythm games are nothing new in the world of anime. Typically used as a way of promoting idol-genre anime, these games involve tapping your way through beat-maps of a franchise’s original songs. They also usually double as a collecting game. Users can gather “cards” of their favorite characters to make their teams stronger and gain more points from a song.

Screenshot, Girl's Band Party, YouTube
Girl’s Band Party gameplay | Image: YouTube

BANG DREAM’s rhythm game, Girl’s Band Party, mostly stays true to all this. It does, however, have one major difference. On top of franchise-original songs, the girls of BANG DREAM also perform covers of other popular anime songs. The game thus offers beat-maps of songs from BLOOD BLOCKADE BATTLEFRONT’s Sugar Song and Bitter Step to SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL’s Moon Pride.

By including fan-favorites to their selection of playable songs, Girl’s Band Party carries an advantage over other idol rhythm games. And that’s something the game’s not afraid to show off, as seen in its latest commercials. Check them out below!

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Live-action AND Covers!

Girl’s Band Party features five different bands. So far, two of them have been focused in the live-action commercials for the game. These thirty-second ads follow similar patterns. First, they open with some high-school girls involved in a sports activity. Then they reveal the focus band playing an anime song in the background.

The first commercial, which came out August 6th, shows the franchise’s main band, Poppin’ Party. In it, they perform THE MELANCHOLY OF HARUHI SUZUMIYA’s insert song God knows….

The second commercial, which came out August 7th, shows the voice actress of the lead singer of the band Hello, Happy World. Puzzlingly, the band behind her is not Hello, Happy World. Nevertheless, she sings her band’s original song Happiness! Happy Magical.

Both videos then go on to show a bit of gameplay and advertise the vast array of cover songs available.

Following this trend, it’s possible that more band-centric commercials will release soon. Whether they’ll feature original songs or cover songs is up in the air. Either way, it plays to Girl’s Band Party’s strengths. While most other rhythm games limit themselves to only original songs, this one offers greater range and variety. At one point in time, it even allowed users to send in votes on what anime songs the bands should cover in the future. This kind of interaction between game and players truly lets Girl’s Band Party stand out from the crowd.

Girl’s Band Party came out in Japan in March 2017 and recently reached 3 million users. In celebration, it has planned several in-game campaigns, details of which can be found here. There’s no word on a U.S. release just yet, but we can’t wait to get our hands on this new game!

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