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It’s September once again, which means millions of students are back to school. And with the envoy of classes and studying comes the twisted fun of growing pains. Students of varying ages will meet new friends, have arguments with their families, and ultimately begin to change. And there is no better example of this dramatic change and angst than in the Marvel title THE VISION.

A tale of a unique family involving the Vision himself, the series is a not only a look at mortality and the extent of love and normalcy, but also at growth in a student’s life. The struggle of blending in with fellow students, as well as being comfortable with yourself, is a common issue. THE VISION, created by the team of Tom King, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, and Jordie Bellaire, is a look into this subject, ranging from a light observation into an extreme one. 

THE VISION: Nuclear Family

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THE VISION is a series about the titular Avenger literally creating his own family from scratch. Based off his own memories, Vision created his wife Virginia, and the twins, Viv and Vin. Throughout the book, every member goes through their moral and existential dilemmas, but the twins go through something only students can relate to. Yes, Viv and Vin deal with being synthezoids and facing superpowered danger, but real high school students can sympathize with Vision’s children throughout their school year.

Viv and Vin must deal with common student woes we’ve all gone through at some point. The pressure of living up to your parents’ expectations can break egos and relationships, or help foster them. Just as well, trying to fit in can be disastrous, for both the student and the people around them. And most importantly, accepting yourself for who you are is vital, as without you won’t make it to the end of the school year in one piece. School is a time for growth and defining who, or what, you’ll become. The twins are a shining example of that, and we’re going to discuss that in the hopes that new scholars can learn from it and not have a complete mental breakdown.

You are Not Your Parents  

When your father is a prominent member of multiple Avenger teams, you should be prepared for some big expectations. From their creation, Vision wanted Viv and Vin to fit in and be “normal,” something easier said than done. With vast knowledge and incredible abilities, the twins must deal with suppressing themselves with their dad’s request, while handling the angst and growth of fellow high school students. This will seem relatable to most, as all students have a familial stigma they must deal with throughout the year.

Students in the upcoming school year may feel parental pressure to succeed or bring respect to their family name, so the twins will seem relatable. Being expected to not show off your talents can be stressful, just as much as getting an A+ on a report card. In THE VISION #1, Viv and Vin are sent off to school in hopes that they can learn to blend in and become better beings, but not by choice. Vision himself wants them to attend, but only so he can have an ideal family.

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Sometimes, the pressure of family can cause the student to act out, or grow. In the case of THE VISION, the twins learn that the views of the world can be dark and sickening. With that said, Viv and Vin learn to be themselves in some way or another. The events of THE VISION assert what their father wanted them to be prepared for, and while nothing ends on a happy note, the lesson of dealing with parenting and being perfect for yourself is present. 

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The In Crowd

Fitting into your new school is a major issue and fear amongst incoming students. The need to make friends and not distance yourself is important, and Viv and Vin are prime examples of that. As synthezoids, they have abilities people can only dream of, accompanied by the fear from outsiders. They must deal with learning to control their abilities, or risk alienating themselves from the rest of the student body, never fitting in.

Throughout THE VISION, Vin has more interaction at school than his sister. From the beginning, Vin sees first hand that fellow students view them differently, confused and afraid of them. And there is a huge learning curve for him, as evidenced when he nearly kills classmate Chris Kinzky out of rage, who spoke to him in a rude way about his sister. Readers may not have the same talents and situations that Vin has, but most can relate to some extent. Wanting to feel normal is common, and stress from this can shape one’s mind and how they view others. Vin becomes more accustomed to the rhythm of school, finding understanding in subjects such as music and Shakespeare. These common topics just may help newcomers cope, allowing them to find solace in fitting in.

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Accepting Change and Reality

Seeking normalcy and comfort in your school can feel great, but one must not get too complacent. Whether you’re a returning or incoming student, you will have to get used to shifting dynamics in your school and home life. What really matters in the end, however, is that you manage to come out on top and grow from it. The twins go through the worst of this, but Viv is the one that manages to survive and grow from it.

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Viv arguably has the biggest learning experience of the duo, starting from being mortally wounded in the first issue. Her family was attacked by the Grim Reaper, and, while she survived, she was left with the thought that people hate her. Viv is in various situations where she witnessed the fear and contempt others can have for her. She did find comfort making a friend with Chris Kinzky, the only student who treated her like a normal person. Friendship doesn’t exist for long, as Kinzky was soon killed in a freak accident. Viv finds herself in a terrifying, hostile world she was never prepared for. The feeling of being lost when at your lowest is something many students will come across.

Throughout it all however, Viv still persists. She learns to cope with her abilities, as well as the fact that she will never be normal, at least by her dad’s standards. But it’s ok that she won’t, because she must fit her own idea of normal before anyone else’s. Throughout, she learns from her parents’ mistakes, as well as from the various lessons she learns from school. Viv comes so far in such a short period of time, an example students should take. Change is inevitable, but you can come out stronger in the end.

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It’s Alright in the End

School can be an intimidating time. But what’s important to know is that you can overcome change and expectation, but not without struggle. THE VISION is a tale of growth and mortality, something that newcomers can learn from. Viv and Vin can be examples for those that are nervous about their place in school, and if you have someone in need of inspiration and a reality check, then this is the book to check out. And to all the students who seek help, good luck to you, and if they could, the twins would wish it as well.

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