Awesome Con

The Washington D.C. based convention, Awesome Con (appropriately-named) celebrates everything geek, from comics and movies, to games and toys. This year spared no expense with over 70,000 visitors and a myriad of guest celebrities. 1990’s television fanatic? Actors from Boy Meets World, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Smallville all attended the event! Trekkie or Star Wars? Why not both with features from John Boyega and some of the Deep Space Nine cast. Voice actors from the acclaimed Overwatch series, The Legend of Korra, and more!

Artist and writer appearances include DETECTIVE COMICS and BATMAN writer, Scott Snyder, along with artists Greg Capullo and Matt Hollingsworth. There’s also the writer of The Vision, Tom King, Dan Parent of Archie Comics, and more!
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Meet and greets included: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’s Dave Bautista, Michael Rooker, and James Gunn. ARROW’s Stephen Amell and SMALLVILLE’s Tom Welling. BLACK LIGHTNING’s Cress Williams. STAR WARS and PACIFIC RIM star, John Boyega. Ben Savage and Rider Strong of Boy Meets World. Television stars and voice actors to writers and cosplayers!

Awesome Con in Three Parts

Awesome Con is also all-inclusive, featuring a multitude of areas to explore. One segment is Future Con. Created by the Smithsonian Magazine, Future Con celebrates science, technology, and entertainment. Panels include Tachyons to Warp Drives: Astrophysics of Star Trek, The Tech of the Batmobile, and a Lost in Space exclusive screening and discussion.

Another convention within a convention is Awesome Con Jr. made just for the family. Riddled with entertaining and educational programs for kids, along with character meet and greets and a kids’ cosplay parade.

Finally, Awesome Con also holds the famous Pride Alley. A spotlight of queer creators and fans. Perfect for all LGBTQ family and advocates. Supported by GeeksOUT!, the creators of NYC’s Flame Con, Pride Alley is a commemoration of the diversity and creativity throughout the LGBTQ community and their contribution to pop culture.

It was definitely a blast, and we at Comicsverse can’t wait to go again next year!

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