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It’s safe to say everyone’s seen AVENGERS: ENDGAME at this point. Right? We hope so because there’s still loads to chat about regarding this film. Last week, we put out an AVENGERS: ENDGAME podcast where a few of us discussed our thoughts on the film. We didn’t get through everything, though, so here we are again!

If for some reason you still haven’t seen AVENGERS: ENDGAME, then you should get out of here, because we’re obviously diving into major spoiler territory. If you’ve seen the film and want to read about or hear more of our thoughts on it, be sure to check out our spoiler-free review and our previous podcast. You could probably read that review, by the way, even if you haven’t seen the film. Just saying.


It goes without saying that there’s a lot to unpack in this movie. That’s why we’re taking a second crack at the film. This week, Jordan Parrish and Matt Attanasio return to discuss AVENGERS: ENDGAME further on the podcast, this time with Maite Molina and Collin De Lade. We catch up on a few things we missed last week, while also diving into some of the nuances behind the film.

Talking about a movie that encompasses the last 10-11 years of our lives tends to get you in your feels, and that definitely happened to us this time around! Plus, how can you not love “I love you 3,000?” On top of our own feelings, we also talked a lot about the characters’ feelings, especially their survivor’s guilt. Was it true to their characters; did we expect these type of reactions from them?

We’d love to hear all of your thoughts on AVENGERS: ENDGAME. Let us know in the comments below, or anywhere you can find us on social media (you know, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, you get the idea).

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