AVENGERS #687 is an issue that catches its breath and allows characters to interact on deep and emotional levels. The writing team delivers heavy dialogue while the art team displays everything wonderfully.
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The Plot Hastens
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“No Surrender” catches its breath in AVENGERS #687. With the Hulk defeated and Voyager’s willingness to be compliant, our heroes are able to reflect on everything that’s occurred. The dialogue in this comic book is fantastic, where the likes of Jarvis, Wonder Man, and Synapse share words of wisdom to heroes feeling lost in this mess. This dialogue is assisted greatly by a stellar art team that has continuously made “No Surrender” one of the most stunning books on shelves.

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The Wasp’s Analyzation of Voyager

The beginning of this issue is narrated by Wasp. Janet, one of the only founding Avengers present, has the strongest feelings about Voyager’s scheme. She feels tricked and betrayed, confused as to how she can have such strong feelings towards an apparent stranger. But what’s cool about this introspection is that Janet brings up three traits about Voyager, who is trying very hard to convince the others and herself that she now wants to do good: nobility, bravery, and honesty. “Third one’s out the window,” Janet thinks. But the first two are still possibilities. Might Voyager redeem herself?

Jarvis’ Words to Bruce in AVENGERS #687

Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Perhaps the best part of this issue — and perhaps this series — is this scene between Jarvis and Bruce Banner. The butler tries to quell Bruce’s melancholy. He listens to what Bruce has to say about Hulk, about how he can’t face the heroes he had just fought as Hulk. But then Jarvis begins quoting Paradise Lost. His quotes refer to Lucifer, the fallen angel. Jarvis notes how many heroes he has served, and asks who exactly are they avenging? Oftentimes, he acknowledges, themselves:

“We carry within us all our failures, all our mistakes. All the times we have done less than we might. We are all exiles from the divine, Doctor Banner. We must all do better. But your worth is not dictated by how far you have fallen. What matters is how hard you work to rise again.”

This imagery of Lucifer and Hulk is a bit frightening. But if you’ve read Paradise Lost, you realize the devil isn’t entirely evil. Neither is Hulk, and of course, neither is Bruce. It’s the whole “with great power comes great responsibility” mantra regurgitated with fancy references, but it fits really well. Ewing, Waid, and Zub do an excellent job delivering such a powerful message in a serene and calm setting.

The Blue Beacon

Meanwhile, the rest of the Avengers recover. Wonder Man convinces Living Lightning that he can’t beat himself up for not stopping the Hulk. And, Wonder Man points out, even if Living Lightning did stop the Hulk, then what? He would have eventually gotten back up. This is Wonder Man subtly bringing up his pacifism, but it’s a solid point. In the end, Wonder Man points out, it isn’t what you actually do, but what you choose to do.

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Then there’s Quicksilver, who is kicking himself for not having the ability to be everywhere at once. Even as one of the fastest heroes in the world, Quicksilver fails just like everyone else. Synapse attempts to reassure him of this, and her words seem to work. Quicksilver finds rejuvenation and attempts to track down the blue beacons floating around the world that have entrapped some of our heroes.

The Challenger Strikes

As our heroes regain their confidence, Voyager is given her chance of redemption. She attempts to make contact with her father, Grandmaster, but fails to do so. This is concerning to her, and we soon learn the Challenger is insistent upon finishing the game, even after placing Grandmaster out of the picture.

The Earth is in chaos and Wasp pleads with Voyager to help save them. Like the Avenger she has pretended to be.

The Artwork of Avengers #687

Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Paco Medina continues to make “No Surrender” stunning. His ability to draw crisp characters and stunning scenery makes each page really stand out on its own. The scene where Quicksilver regains his confidence is also really stellar. I love the way a good artist can portray a speedster.

The inking and coloring team really makes AVENGERS #687 something special. Juan Vlasco, Jesus Aburtov, and Federico Blee make colors like the purples in Voyager’s eyes pop with splendor. Plus, the old school coloring used for flashbacks gives the memories of Wasp a really authentic feel. Even Medina’s pencils change styles here.


This was another grand issue. I really am itching to find out what comes of Voyager. With such a cool name and costume (the end of this issue actually discusses how the creators came up with Valerie Vector), I’m praying she doesn’t have a sacrificial moment. But it’s certainly being set up that she saves the day.

Of course, AVENGERS #687 is simply the eye of the storm. With Grandmaster out of the picture and Challenger set for a rampage, how will our heroes survive? Let the chaos continue!

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  1. celticlord88

    April 7, 2018 at 12:35 pm

    Love the series but nothing much happened in this one. Most of it was a recap of the previous issues. One thing of significance was Jarvis’ advice to banner. But not much else.


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