Marvel has provided us with a preview for AVENGERS #675, the beginning of “Avengers No Surrender”!

After months of anticipation, “Avengers No Surrender” begins with AVENGERS #675. This is an epic comic combining three current books: The AVENGERS, UNCANNY AVENGERS, and U.S. AVENGERS. And with this merge comes one beautiful feature: this is a weekly series. With so many writers working on “Avengers No Surrender”, the series will no doubt increase excitement and also relativity.

A Weekly Series Captures the Zeitgeist of Marvel in 2018

Avengers: No Surrender
Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

When I first heard about this series, my mind raced back to DC’s 52. This was a story at the centerfold of the DC Universe in 2006, which is exactly what “Avengers No Surrender” will be in 2018. With the Avengers counting down their final days, what else could be more important in the Marvel Universe?

The writers for this ambitious project are Al Ewing, Mark Waid, and Jim Zub. While each has been writing their respective Avengers series, it’s worth noting how strong of a team this is. Al Ewing recently finished his ULTIMATES 2 run, an epic series focusing on the cosmos of Marvel. Mark Waid is notorious for countless works (KINGDOM COME, DAREDEVIL, SUPERMAN), plus his recent stints with AVENGERS and CHAMPIONS have been so fresh and good for the characters he’s writing. Last but not least is Jim Zub, whose recent work on independent projects (like GLITTERBOMB) is sure to add a nice indie touch to this weekly Avengers series.

You Should Be Reading THE ULTIMATES!

A Look at AVENGERS #675, “Avengers No Surrender”

With what we know thus far, it appears as if each Avenger will gain a bit of a spotlight in this series. What does that mean exactly? Who’s to say, but it’ll be nice gaining a personal experience with each character. It’s claimed this will be a world changing event, but how true is that? And how will this be effected by AVENGERS INFINITY WAR? Only time will tell!

Below we have the preview images from AVENGERS #675. Pepe Larraz’s artwork is absolutely stunning here. While only six pages in, it’s grand seeing the diversity Marvel is attempting with its core AVENGERS book. It’s hard to say exactly what the threat at hand is, but seeing C and B-listers starting us off actually has me hopeful. This shows how personal the series will be. Check it out!


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  1. Charlie Wylie

    Charlie Wylie

    January 6, 2018 at 6:37 pm

    I like that Rogue seems to be featuring prominently in this.


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