Writer Jason Aaron’s inaugural arc on AVENGERS has been nothing short of explosively epic. He’s created a credibly dangerous threat and assembled a truly unique team of Avengers to defeat it. Artist Ed McGuinness has also helped breathe new life into Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. They both break out all the stops in AVENGERS #6. This issue is appropriately grand, as the Final Host finally meet their match.

For the past five issues, we’ve enjoyed learning a whole lot about the secret history of the Marvel Universe. And, while we’ve been receiving a massive history lesson, the Earth has been under assault by the malignant Final Host, a group of Dark Celestials. Who else but the Avengers to beat the unbeatable?

As I previously mentioned, Aaron has put together a one-of-a-kind team to tackle this new enemy. The Big Three, plus Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, She-Hulk, and Ghost Rider have proven to be an aptly capable group with some fairly solid chemistry. AVENGERS #6 gives this new team their first shining moment. It’s especially gleaming, as a matter of fact, thanks to the artwork from Ed McGuinness and Paco Medina.

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The Team Coalesces in AVENGERS #6

AVENGERS #6 picks up with the epic confrontation promised at the end of AVENGERS #5. Thor, She-Hulk, and Iron Man have all appropriately sized-up to face the Final Host. Ghost Rider also joins them, having possessed the body of a fallen Celestial. On the ground, Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther deal with the Horde, aka the typical bug enemies, while Doctor Strange faces off against Loki.

AVENGERS #6 is pretty straightforward. At first, that is. The first half of the book is an intense back and forth between the heroes and villains. The Avengers pull out every trick and ounce of power they can muster. I must say, the image of a massive Ghost Rider Celestial is as astounding as you’d imagine. But, for once, it almost seems like this will be the day the Avengers lose, and the world falls.

AVENGERS #6 page 4. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

But this is a Marvel comic book, so that would never actually happen.

When all seems lost, our heroes quickly put the pieces together. They take in all that’s been happening, along with the story Loki told Captain America and Ghost Rider’s insane muttering. They realize that humanity, and more specifically superpowered humans, are the cure for the Horde. When the First Host of Celestials came to Earth seeking a cure, they found humanity would someday prove strong enough to defeat this disease.

To do so, the Avengers link minds with each other and channel all their power into Ghost Rider’s Celestial form. With this combined power, Ghost Rider destroys the Horde, leaving only the Final Host to deal with. But, with the First Host of Celestials now revived and on their side, the Avengers are ultimately triumphant!

AVENGERS #6 page 20. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

An Epic Victory

Jason Aaron has a great knack for epic storytelling. If you’ve read any of his THOR, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Since it was announced he’d be the new writer for AVENGERS, I’ve been expecting good things. I’ve pegged him to be the new Bendis or Hickman, in terms of the scale and prominence he could bring to the book. So far, he’s been proving my suspicion right.

Though this first arc of Aaron’s AVENGERS is a fairly self-contained story, this will likely have lasting consequences moving forward. There’s tons of strong, large-scale storytelling going on. Plus, this chance meeting of the new team is something that’ll be discussed later on, which I’m looking forward to. The end of AVENGERS #6 also hints at other matters featuring Odin’s team of Avengers.

Is it just me, or does Aaron really enjoy storytelling across multiple timelines? I’m not complaining about it (I rather enjoy it), just making a note of it.

AVENGERS #6 page 17. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Not only does AVENGERS #6 show that Aaron understands how to deliver a grand story, but it also shows us he knows how to juggle a lot at once. While there’s a chaotic battle going on, the Avengers are consistently working together. They’re always complementing and learning from each other appropriately. In this way, even during a fight, Aaron is building this new team’s relationship. So far, it’s looking pretty good.

I mean, Thor and She-Hulk keep kissing, so that’s a good sign, right?

With the conclusion of the “Final Host” arc, I can say I’m thoroughly pleased with Aaron’s first stint on Avengers. I’m hoping he’s able to keep delivering this level of content moving forward.

McGuinness and Medina Deliver

AVENGERS #6 proves that Ed McGuinness and Paco Medina have easily found their niches in this new Avengers series. These two strike a very fine balance in their respective styles. It’s difficult at times to tell whose art you’re seeing on the page, but that’s certainly not a problem. If anything, it’s a good thing, because it makes everything feel more fluid.

Clearly, these two have a knack for drawing epic-scale battles. Never does this fight lose steam or feel flawed. You can always tell what’s going on; it’s always exhilarating. The Dark Celestials fighting against the giant-sized Avengers is truly a sight to enjoy.

AVENGERS #6 page 13. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

And, again, Celestial Ghost Rider is utterly badass. The artists really worked to make him shine in AVENGERS #6. That goes for Aaron, as well. Ghost Rider gets so many great moments in this book. He’s got a great design and has some solid character moments. I’m excited to see him continue to grow, both storytelling wise and artistically.

Colorist Daniel Curiel also deserves a great deal of credit for AVENGERS #6. His colors add so much depth and definition to these pages. Compared to the prior issues, AVENGERS #6 has a generally darker tone. Curiel’s colors help accentuate that idea perfectly.

Overall, this is just a fantastic Avengers book to look at.

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What Comes Next for The Avengers?

With the Final Host and the Horde defeated, the Avengers can finally take a breather. I’m sure it won’t be a long one, though, as they’re no doubt going to help the world recover from all this destruction. Regardless, though the battle was tough, it was worth fighting. Now, we’ve finally got a new team of Avengers for a new age of Marvel.

Jason Aaron, Ed McGuinness, and Paco Medina have really proven themselves with this initial arc. I have every bit of confidence that Aaron is the perfect choice to lead the Avengers into a shining new era. I sorely hope McGuinness and Aaron return later down the line as artists for this book, as the next few issues are being covered by Sara Pichelli and David Marquez (whose art I also love).

AVENGERS #6 delivers in every manner that counts. It’s completely exciting and attention-grabbing and features nothing but glorious page after glorious page. I can’t wait to see what Aaron’s got in store next for this series.

AVENGERS #6 by Jason Aaron, Ed McGuinness, and Paco Medina
AVENGERS #6 delivers an epic finale to what has been an utterly epic first arc. Between Jason Aaron's dynamic storytelling and Ed McGuinness and Paco Medina's stellar pages, AVENGERS #6 completely succeeds as both a solo issue and a conclusion to a full arc.
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An Epic Showdown

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